What to do in Leon, the historical capital of Nicaragua.

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Leon is on of the places in Nicaragua you need to visit. It’s considered to be Nicaragua’s historical, cultural and religious capital. 

In the center of this cosy city is located one of the most beautiful cathedral in Nicaragua, also called The House of Light. This is the largest cathedral in Central America, build in 18th century. This white cathedral is the most prominent building of LeonYou absolutely need to climb to the rooftop, which is accessible only on certain hours.

What to do in Leon?

Leon is an amazing place to chill, enjoy street food and have cold beer near the Central square & murals. One of the best thing is to explore city by foot and admire the diversity of the colorful building architecture. The house gates, entrances were the greatest attractions for my eye. Leon is known for their Spanish-Colonial architectural heritage. It had been the capital of Nicaragua since colonial times. I know Spain and this is not the only style of building you can expect to see here. I also recommend exploring the rural areas where the poor part of the society lives.

Near the cathedral there a place to try best street food, also good for vegetarians like me. Next to the cathedral’s plaza there’s a tourist information. Don’t be surprised if nobody speaks English 🙂 We went there to get information whether it’s possible to hike Telica Volcano without a tour guide. Well did not get too much information. Last time we hiked Cerro Chato with a guide as everyone told us it’s dangerous to go alone. In fact the trail in well maintained so there’s no possibility to get lost. The only problem might be the level of difficulty, which depends mainly on a season and your condition. The trail is very steep and sometimes you need to climb.

From the local station of Leon you can take a bus to San Jacinto to reach Telica Volcano. Read about how to get to Telica Volcano without a tour guide: https://freestyletraveling.com/telica-volcano-without-tour-guide/.

From Leon we also visited Granada city, from where you can go on a night tour to the Masaya Volcano.

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