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Hi! I’m Eva. A hiker fanatic based in Dublin with a passion for independent travel journalism. Solo traveling is for me the most valuable way of exploring the world. A crucial step for me was leaving my second job for backpacking Asia, which trust me it’s not the easiest decision in the times of normative social influence. I came back home after months with 50$ in my pocket and basically had to start everything from the beginning. Trip to Asia was incredible and mystical and this continent still remains my favourite one. Having all those memories, landscapes and reportage stories in my mind I thought it could be a waste to let them be forgotten, while it all could be so helpful and inspiring for other people. I’m passionate about wildlife and reportage photography. I easily put myself on the hardest trails for travel ventures. Every photo and a writing piece on this website is my work. I’m not using filters, if any – only to highlight the original beauty of the picture – simply to show you the world in my eyes. I quickly realised that this site cannot be similar to other travel bogs, simply because everyone is different and exceptional. I try to keep this blog full of humour, true stories and best information gathered from my individual trails. Now you have a chance not only to follow one of my tracks but also travel with me having me as a personal guide/companion.Your Private Travel Guide. I’m currently based in Dublin from the last 3 years and would accompany anyone looking to do sightseeing. Just check available dates and rates with me as soon as you can. And in the meantime drop me a note if you have any questions around travels or itineraries.  Enjoy my blog! Eve


  1. I am pretty sure I know this view. Bokor in Cambodia is my first guess… 😉

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