Hey - I’m Eva.

I’m hiking and climbing fanatic based in Dublin, with a passion for independent travel, reportage photography and live sport events! Mountaineering and hiking is an integral part of my life, standing on one peak, I’m dreaming of a higher one. You know what they say.. if it’s not the altitude, it’s the attitude🙂I find solo traveling the most valuable way of exploring the world since I’ve done my first backpacking trip. A crucial step was leaving my second job for a one-way ticket destination, which trust me wasn’t the easiest decision in the times of normative social influence.. This one took me to the mystic lands of Southeast Asia, a magnificent backpacking trail filled with lifetime adventures. When I came home after months of traveling, I had to start from scratch almost every aspect of my life, with 50$ on my account. 😉 I grabbed all my memories, landscapes and reportage stories and created this blog – an inspiration hub for travelers and adventure seekers, loaded with plenty of useful travel advice.

I’m highly passionate about mountains, wildlife and interacting with local communities. I easily put myself on the hardest hiking tracks and travel ventures outside of touristic trails. Every photo and story on this website are my experience, showing you the world in my eyes.

Enjoy, write me and explore!

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