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Hi! I’m Eve, 38 year old Polish girl who found solo traveling the biggest passion and personal treasure. Today I can definitely say I love undertaking even the hardest travel ventures and put myself on the path of discovering and learning the world. One of my favourite solo adventures was undertaking 5 months traveling through Asia. Incredible Asia, which inspired me to build this blog and gather all my stories I’ve been writing up on the other side of the world. This is one of the most incredible feelings when you hear people are being inspired by your stories. Especially when I’ve always been interested in amateur and professional publishing. But this blog is my greatest personal achievement. I quickly realised that this site cannot be similar to other travel bogs, simply because everyone is different and exceptional. I try to keep this blog full of humour, true stories and best information gathered from my individual trails. Now you have a chance not only to follow one of my tracks but also travel with me as a personal world tour guide. The choice over the way and style is on your side but what’s important I will try to show you the world in my eyes. Read more here: Your Private Travel Guide. So enjoy! Eve  


  1. I am pretty sure I know this view. Bokor in Cambodia is my first guess… 😉

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