Night tour to the Masaya Volcano

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The highlight of Masaya Volcano night tour is the large magnificent crater called Santiago and what’s most impressive the sound and view of the lava flowing below the ground. 

Masaya Volcano night tour

The Masaya Volcano is one of the must see attractions when in Nicaragua. The National Park lies between the cities of Managua and Granada. BTW – never travel to Managua if you don’t have to! Granada is nice but incomparable to magnificent Leon city. Anyway it’s good to reach Granada if you want to book one of the organized trips to Masaya Volcano. As usual we wanted to reach Masaya by ourselves. This time I simply recommend booking a tour. Why? Because it’s cheap – we paid 20 $ per person (normal prize), while the entrance to the park is 10$ (price after 4 pm.) Masaya Volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in Nicaragua. They say this it’s the reason why it’s only accessible by car during night time to evacuate people when needed. Booking Masaya Volcano night tour you will probably leave Granada at 4 pm and come back after 8 pm. Don’t think you’ll have a lot of time for the volcano adventure. There’s a lot of vehicles waiting to enter the National Park for the night tour to Masaya Volcano. It means waiting almost 3 hours to get to the top and having maximum 15 minutes to admire amazing lava over the edge of the crater. However I’m still wondering whether it wouldn’t be better to see the powerful 5 crater landscape and rough surrounding during day time. The entrance to the National Park costs much less during day time and you have plenty of time to discover the place and you can also hike over to the other craters and viewpoints.

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