Freestyletraveling - Everest Base Camp

I’m excited to work with brands, which are compatible with my adventurous travel style, climbing & hiking expeditions, diving, outdoor activities, and my energetic attitude! I’m highly into responsible and ethical travel, have a great respect for wildlife and environment friendly lifestyle. Leading goals of my travels:

  • Inspire people they can reach any destination themselves and travel the world on the safe basis and with great adventure,
  • Share off-beat destinations and experiences,
  • Hiking & Climbing experience,
  • Sport and Outdoor activities,
  • Scuba-diving and water sports,
  • Adventure escapades,
  • Responsible and eco-friendly traveling /with high respect for wildlife/,
  • Exotic destinations – accessible for everyone,
  • Food & culture.

Brand Ambassador

If you are looking for an authentic and credible advocate, I’m very keen to set up long-term partnership with trustworthy brands, mainly but not limited to the following activities. I’m still developing my blog and social media profile, but if you decide to grow with me, it may create a highly loyal relationship which can largely benefit in the future.

Hiking and climbing - hiking and mountaineering equipment brands– from simplest items, which save our life on long hiking trails, to professional equipment, which I would love to test during my travel adventures and share practical honest opinions,

Sport brands – I’m a highly active person, very much into bodybuilding and number of sports (jogging, tennis, boxing),

Eco-friendly products – I’m highly into sustainable and responsive travel. Any activity or a brand, which helps reduce the negative impact of global tourism has my attention. Whether it is related to a simply educating people about do’s and don’t’s or just promoting eco-friendly products.

Sponsored campaigns

Any equipment benefitting users and upgrading travelers’ experience would have my attention. Together we can create greatly useful content for travelers and followers to make their adventures more pleasurable, convenient and safe.

Photography ambassador

I enjoy reportage photography, storytelling and capturing daily life. I easily put myself on the hardest paths of adventure. I’ll be more than happy to shoot your product or service along with my adventures. If it fits my lifestyle and can help others in their travels, planning, organizing or provides other benefits for the universe, I’m opened for projects.

Sponsored campaigns & Sponsored expeditions and stays – Get exposure to your brand.

Make your product an EXPERIENCE. I’m an active traveler, hiker and sports person, so any brands related to adventurous travel have my undivided attention. Show me the hike and I’ll be on my way. I’m into undertaking challenging expeditions. I’d like to know your vision and mission of the company before we get into a partnership. Conversation is always a win, so get in touch and together we can come up with a framework.

Affiliate programmes and Advertising space on my blog

It is possible to use an advertising space on my blog, but the product or service has to come along with my values and lifestyle. I’m happy to test and discuss a potential opportunity, and gain more information on the mission and vision of the company and the product.

Travel itineraries and advise

It makes me extremely happy to advice people on travel destinations, as it gets them inspired. I’m happy to suggest on a travel itinerary that would suit your idea, share safety advise and number of tips for either a simple trip or challenging expedition. I’m happy to advise on hiking or trekking gear, how to prepare ahead of the trip and what to bring.

Get in touch: