Everything you need to know before swimming with Whale Sharks in Cebu, Philippines.

There is no doubt swimming with Whale Sharks – the world’s largest fish and one of the largest animal on earth is a magnificent adventure and memorable experience! The swim is one of the main reasons people are coming to visit Cebu Island, perhaps along with Canyoneering in lagoon waterfalls.

Here is everything you need to know about snorkelling or diving adventure with these extremely gentle cold-blooded creatures.

Everything you need to know before swimming with Whale Sharks in Cebu, Philippines.

Snorkeling with Whale Sharks is indeed an inspiring experience. Swimming alongside with them in their natural environment offers a profound sense of wonder and appreciation for the marine world. 

Just remember to approach these creatures with care to ensure both your safety and their well-being.

You may decide whether you wish to register youself (a registration process is a bit of a hassle) or go with a pre-booked tour. If you are tempted by Diving with Whale Sharks, this gives a completely different perspective from snorkeling but equally beautiful.

 Asia, Philippines
20 March 2024

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