How to get to the Dead Sea from Tel Aviv?

Public transport in Israel is very well developed. However – NOTE that most of the bus lines do not run on Shabbat or on Jewish holidays! Services end on Friday afternoon and resume Saturday evening! There are few public buses going to Dead Sea from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Road no 90 leads along the whole Dead Sea south direction and unveils one of the most spectacular views of the coutry unique landscape. 

How to get to the Dead Sea from Tel Aviv
  • BUS no 421 goes to Masada and Dead Sea from Tel Aviv.
  • BUS no 486 travels from the Jerusalem Central Bus Station (platform 5) directly to the Dead Sea, Ein Gedi and Masada.
  • BUS no 444 travels from Jerusalem to Masada and Ein Gedi and further to Eilat.

Segregated Beach (free) is located ~ 2km from Neve Zohar and it is one of the most incredible destinations to explore salty formations of the Dead Sea. There are number of natural bridges made of salt linking Israel and Jordan.

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8 July 2023

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