Getting from Costa Rica to Nicaragua by bus?

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Crossing the land border from Costa Rica to Nicaragua is very easy! Here you’ll find useful information on how to cross land boarder from Costa Rica to Nicaragua by cheap public bus.

The most important thing is that you need to avoid expensive private buses like Tica bus. You can easily use public transport which is comfortable and so cheap you would never believe!

Getting from Costa Rica (La Fortuna) to Nicaragua.

La Fortuna has one bus terminal. You need to take a bus at 6:30 so be there at 6:15 at latest! After driving 7 km get out at the cross road (if you’re not sure ask a driver for Penas Blancas). He will know that you want to reach a boarder. Anyway there will be probably some other people going same direction. On the cross road you need to change the bus stop so ask for a bus to Penas Blancas. It takes 5 hours to reach a boarder because the road is terrible 🙂 On the boarder you should be at 12.00.

Crossing boarder from Costa Rica to Nicaragua.

On the boarder there are hundreds of local people giving you blank forms to fill in. It’s free so never pay for this! You need to fill in the form and go to the small boarder office. They check you passport, the form and you pay 8$. After you need to enter a main building and go through a control office. On the entrance you pay 1$ and in the customs window another 12$. When you leave the building the locals with ID card will offer you a bus ticket to Nicaragua for 15$. They will tell you this is the only bus going to Nicaragua. This is a lie! Don’t trust them! We were very disappointed by this situation because we were never lied before by people from Costa Rica. Go through the Nicaragua boarder, there’s a small entrance with a guy checking your passports. Go through the boarder and walk another 100 meters -there’s a local bus station. One bus goes to Managua the other to Rivas. The bus to Managua leaves at 2 pm. and costs 3$. It arrives to Managua at 5 pm. Keep in mind that the border is opened from Monday to Saturday from 6 am to 10 pm. and on Sunday it closes at 8 pm.

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