Spain (Kingdom of Spain)

Languages: Spanish

Currencies: EUR · Euro (€)

Capitol: Madrid

Continents: Europe

Borders: France, Morocco, Gibraltar, Portugal, Andorra

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Area: 505,992km2

Population: 47,351,567

Traffic/driving side: right

Landlocked country: No

Independent country: Yes

United Nations member: Yes

IDD Prefix: +34

Timezones: UTC, UTC+01:00

Last updated on December 18, 2023

I’ve been to Fuerteventura 3 times now, hiked most of the volcano hills, traveled across the island for weeks to explore every beauty spot and local town. If you want to make the best out of your stay – you are on the right post – I’ll guide you through most uniqe and fascinating attractions in Morro Jable, which might surprise you exist here. As much as Corralejo is adorable with its Sand Dunes National Park, Morro Jable entertains with range of amenities, including traditional cuisine, shops, water sports activities, snorkeling spots, magic harbour and beach valleyball 😉

Usefull information about Morro Jable.

Morro Jable is a leading touristic destination town, located on the southern coast of the island of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands (Spain). With many unique attractions in Morro Jable, mostly known for its beautiful light sand beaches, clear waters, and vibrant tourist atmosphere, you won’t be bored for a second in this popular destination for tourists looking to relax, enjoy the sun and sea but also actively explore the gems of the area.

CLIMATE: The southern part of the island is warmer with hottest month August (temp. around 25-26 degrees) and coldest January with 18 degrees.

CURRENCY: EURO. Card payments available in restaurants and shops. However 500 Euro note is some places is NOT accepted.

LANGUAGE: Spanish, but due to majority of German tourists, all places speak perfect German and little English. 

MAIN BEACH: Playa de Morro Jable.

TOURIST INFORMATION: Get maps and folders at the airport main hall in the arrivals in the tourist information desk. 

How to get to Morro Jable?

There are few ways to get to Morro Jable from Puerto del Rosario Airport or even nearby islands.

BUS: There is a direct bus No 10 from Fuerteventura Airport to Morro Jable. Taxi from the airport to Puerto del Rosario costs Euro 12-15. Bus ride from the airport to Morro Jable takes 1.5h depending on traffic (9.70 Euro in 2023). Tickets available in the bus. All routes and timetables are on the official website TIADHE.COM. 

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Meet Stingrays in Morro Jable harbour.

If you get to Morro Jable port early enough (or at night time) you’ll have a chance to spot beautiful Stingrays along with many fishes swimming into the harbour. It’s best visible early in the morning when water level is low, however don’t forget sea life has its own cycle and sometimes stingrays are just not there. You’ll notice tourists gathering in the harbour to watch this fascinating picture from the quayside.

Morro Jable best beaches & activities.

Playa de Morro Jable.

Playa de Morro Jable is the main beach, a long stretch of golden sand with crystal-clear waters. It offers various facilities such as sun loungers, umbrellas, beach bars, changing rooms and water sports activities and what’s most important – BEACH VOLLEYBALL COURTS. The courts belong to nearby hotels (Robinson Hotel) but if you kindly ask you may be able to join some matches. 

Recommended restaurants: along the main street – Centro Comercial Palm Garden. However there are few beach bars serving really tasty food. 

READ my post on Best beaches in Fuerteventura.

There’s also an international Wind Surf Center just at the beach, where you can try kitesurfing and sailing lessons.

A beautiful promenade will lead you from the lighthouse south direction, along the sand dunes with huge sign Morro Jable (this is partially a nudist beach), ending with the rocky cliffs near the main centre of Morro Jable.

The beach ends with high cliffs, where you take the steps to reach the harbour. This is actually the most charming part of Morro Jable with plenty of seaside restaurants and great accomodation options. There’s an amazing viewing spot in the middle of the steps.

SNORKELING SPOT – the rocky tale of the beach is also the best snorkeling spot in all Morro Jable. You can spot people on the photo snorkeling around the rocks. 

Best tours options to consider in the area: Catamaran Cruise, Dolphin and Whale watching cruises.

RECOMMENDED RESTAURANTS: I tried most of them and I have few to recommend! Best fish soup, sea food paella with black rice and fried goat cheese – Vesubio Restaurante. Best grilled fish (fresh catch – Pescado del Dia) and amazing stwe (however I don’t eat meet) – Restaurante Brisa Marina – both are seaside restaurants with amazing sunset view over the ocean. 

Restaurante La Puntilla and Laja de Morrojable have tasty food and amazing location (first one is much nicer with Spanish Coniak shot on the house – pity I don’t drink ;)..). Pimentos de Padron (green sweet fried peppers – Spanish tradition) cannot be missed – I could have them 3 times a day!

Calima - Sahara winds over Canary Islands.

Morro Jable beach during CALIMA. Calima is Sahara wind blowing toward Canary Islands. It brings a mix of dust, sand and ash from the African Desert. It usually brings temperature rise, however in December 2023 it caused temperature drop and very bad air quality. There will be Calima warnings to stay home and avoid going out because of the unhealthy air quality. 

Calima is caused by human interference in natural environment and forest devastation. 

Playa del Matorral.

Adjacent to Playa de Morro Jable, Playa del Matorral is a protected natural area with stunning dunes and a lighthouse (Faro de Morro Jable). It is a popular spot for sunbathing, swimming, and windsurfing. It is also a nudist beach. 

SNORKELING SPOT: On the south end of the beach (port side), there is a perfect snorkeling spot near the rocks – one of the leading attractions in Morro Jable. There are also stairs leading up the hill port direction along the church stadning over the town. 

PARTY YACHT: There’s often a catamaran party yacht drifting at the shores of Playa del Matorral. 

SURFING & SAILING RENTAL: There is a huge kite-surfing and sailing rental spot at the beach. 

Playa de Butihondo.

Situated to the north of Morro Jable, Playa de Butihondo is a wide and sandy beach with calm waters. It is less crowded and offers a more relaxed environment.

Morro Jable - gateway for top attractions of the island.

There are two top rated tour options below for Cofete Beach – Jandia Natural Park. I tried the first one – Cofete Beach and Villa Winter Tour – and it is an incredible half-day trip through number of scenic Cofete Natural Park highlights. It’s actually one of the best tours I’ve even been to – check my post below. 

Alternatively, if you’re really into solo traveling, you can take a public bus No 111 (bus goes twice a day/every day of the week) from Morro Jable to Cofete Beach and Faro Punta de Jandia – the most western spot of the island. However the tour reveals extremely interesting history around Villa Winter, which you won’t hear taking a public bus, but you can read in my post. 

Here is Hiking Tour to Pico de la Zarza. 

How to get from Fuerteventura to Gran Canaria?

Traveling by ferry around Canary Islands is extremely easy and affordable. There are plenty of tour operators – I tried few island tours and I have to say they are extremely well organized and priced fairly. I traveled from Morro Jable (Fuerteventura) to Las Palmas (Gran Canaria) by Fred. Olsen Express Ferry (Euro 58 one-way). Fabulous cruise and ferry standard (First Class tickets are available).

OMIO offers good range of ferry tickets and fares. 

Ferries to Gran Canaria leave mostly from Morro Jable. 

Ferries to Lanzarote and Lobos leave mostly from Perto del Rosario. 

Ferries to Tenerife leave either from Morro Jable and Puerto del Rosario.

Top attractions in Morro Jable.

Faro de Morro Jable: The lighthouse of Morro Jable is a prominent landmark and offers stunning views of the coastline. Visitors can climb to the top of the lighthouse for panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Morro Jable Old Town: Explore the charming old town of Morro Jable, with its narrow streets, traditional architecture, and local shops. It’s a great place to wander around, soak in the atmosphere, and discover local crafts and souvenirs.

Jandia Natural Park: This protected natural park is located near Morro Jable and offers beautiful landscapes, hiking trails, and stunning views. It’s a great place for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Morro Jable Marina: The marina is a vibrant area with restaurants, bars, and shops. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the waterfront, dine at one of the restaurants, or simply relax and enjoy the views.

Top attractions in Morro Jable-the best place to stay in Fuerteventura.


My favourite breakfast is local coffee (which is the best of the best!) and local fruits – I highly recommend to find local FRUTERIA (fruit shop) instead of buing them in supermarkets (like Dino or Spar). My favourite fruits are:

  • Passion fruit,
  • papaya
  • avocado – choose the giant one,
  • pinaple,
  • persimmon (very healthy and low calories)
  • satsuma,
  • banana and many more!
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