Clinging Singapore.

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My first impression of Singapore was it’s a very green city, the size and volume of plants is incredible. Probably it’s because of the favourable climate conditions. Even rural streets look wanderful, heavy branches dangling above your head.

Singapore sightseeing.

Everyting in Singapore is stunning. If you want to see more plants you have to visit Singapore Botanic Gardens. Beautiful place, easy to reach and you can’t miss the National Orchid Garden – if you love flowers you’ll be overwelmed. Gardens by the Bay – this giant flower construction, covers massive part of the gardens and illuminates evening time. You can climb arround the trees and admire huge gardens along with the magic city views. Singapore is stunning at night. Marina Bay – probably the most famous part of the city is breathtaking. The promenade and the famous hotel with a swimming pool on the roof is an unforgetable picture. You can walk there for hours and you still want to come back on the next day, that’s what I did. 😉 Keep in mind that the hole area is enormous so you need time to walk all those places.

Many people ask me about the prices in Singapore. I spent couple of days there and you really don’t need to stay close to the expensive districts if you travel on a budget. Of course the country is much more expensive than the most of south-east Asia but there’s a chance to find something for 30$/per night. I chose to stay in the Geylang distict and the Hotel 81 was cheap and very comfortable. It turned out the hotel is located just next to the most famous prostitute street. It was interesting to see the neighbourhood but most of the stories are exaggerated 😉 The area is quiet and I felt safe walking even late hours. And goves you good opportunity to observe local life, far from amazing skyscrapers. The best cuisine and local bars you will also find in this area. Friendly and helpful people are everywhere.

There’s wonderful transport in Singapore, it takes short time to get to Marina Bay.


Marina Bay


Singapore hotel




Singapore Botanic Gardens


Singapore Botanic Gardens


National Orchid Gardens


National Orchid Gardens


National Orchid Gardens


National Orchid Gardens


Marina Bay


Marina Bay


Marina Bay Singapore

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