From Modica to Ragusa, Sicily

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Ragusa – one of the most amazing cities I have ever been to!
If you’re travel through Sicily driving from Syracuse to Agrigento it only takes an hour to get to Ragusa. This amazing city is located in Ragusa Province and looks fascinating from the road view toward the city. Tightly situated buildings climbing upper the hill, magnificent architecture and baroque churches are worth seeing. Also the Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista which was rebuilt twice, and the version that you will meet today was built in 1718 in an archetypal Sicilian Baroque style. Ragusa has a very interesting history. In fact it’s a city combined from two towns united into one municipality in 1926. Most of the city’s history deals with the lower Ragusa which is called  Ibla. Ibla was the ancient city, rebuilt after heavy damages after the earthquake in 1693, which devastated the south-east Sicily. The upper Ragusa was built around 1700s. 

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