Cambodia (Kingdom of Cambodia)

Languages: Khmer

Currencies: KHR · Cambodian riel (៛)

Capitol: Phnom Penh

Continents: Asia

Borders: Laos, Thailand, Vietnam

More useful information

Area: 181,035km2

Population: 16,718,971

Traffic/driving side: right

Landlocked country: No

Independent country: Yes

United Nations member: Yes

IDD Prefix: +855

Timezones: UTC+07:00

Last updated on July 7, 2024

Getting from Trat to Koh Kong land border crossing was one of the most adventurous experience in Southeast Asia. It is relativley safe and there are thousands of people approaching the border. 

Koh Kong land border crossing - Hat Lek.

Hat Lek is probably one of the most corrupted places I witnessed in Cambodia (Sihanoukville is the second one). Upon arrival at the Koh Kong land border crossing, you will need to complete the border formalities. Be sure to have all your travel documents easily accessible for inspection. The border crossing process typically involves exiting Thailand and entering Cambodia, so it’s essential to follow the instructions of the border officials carefully.

I was invited to customs officers room. The place looked more like torture room with one metal table, a chair and five officers around me.

They were firm but it feels pretty safe. I had to pay 50 $ visa fee, although I knew it costs 30 $. It is usefull to have cash with you, sometimes the border authorities demand payment in local currency. After filling the papers you get around 15 stamps on your documents and you are asked to approach the last window to collect your passport.

Do I need a visa to go to Cambodia?

Yes you need VISA for Cambodia. There are different types of visas – tourist, business, dyplomatic, etc. VISA can be obtained online from the official government website:

VISA is also available on Koh Kong land border crossing and on few major Cambodian airports.

How much is Cambodian visa?

VISA for Ca,bodia cost $30 – but as I said I was asked to pay $50 on the Koh Kong land border crossing. It is very typical you will be asked to pay more – do not protest, I asked a question and the officer shouted at me in their language. Of course, I couldn’t understand anything and didn’t want any troubles so I paid. 

How long is Cambodian visa valid for?

Cambodian VISA is valid for 30 days in the country.
It can be extended only ONCE for one month.
VISA must be used within 90 days of issue date.

How to get from Trat to Koh Kong land border crossing.

The most common and convenient way to travel from Trat to the border is by bus. There are regular bus services that operate between Trat and the border, providing a comfortable and relatively quick mode of transportation. Along the drive you’ll be able to witness the scenic beauty of the Cambodian countryside en route to the border.

When crossing Thai one thing you will notice is a HUGE CASINO. In Thailand gambling is illegal so everyone is coming to Cambodia for this entertainment.

The Koh Kong city colloquially called Wild West is mostly known for smuggling, gambling and crime.

Once you hear motorbike engines getting louder behind you – you can be sure you’ve accomplished border procedures! They are eager to give you a ride to the nearest city.  It’s a short drive but there is no bus – you whether walk or take a motorbike.

The price for the ride is triple than normal (expect to pay around 100 Baht), but it’s still relatively cheap, so we chose to take a motorbike. The price included a bridge toll.

Be sure to have adequate travel insurance and take necessary precautions to safeguard your health while exploring this part of Cambodia. I highly recommend SafetyWing, after trying many other options. Additionally – stay informed about the current travel advisories and local conditions.

After Koh Kong land border crossing.

The closest town to the Koh Kong land border is extremely strange. It’s generally safe for tourists but it’s definitely run by black business owners.

We rented a room next to the river – the owner was so stoned that we could not believe our eyes! He had extremely red eyes but at the end he turned out to be a helpful friendly host. 

It’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the local customs and traditions. Respecting the local culture and being mindful of cultural differences can make your travel experience impactful. If you want to engage with locals the best way to do it in Koh Kong is attending karaoke evening. 

Koh Kong accomodation.

There are some guesthouses along the river but I would definitely suggest to stay in the town, it’s nicer and more cosy. 

4* star SS Villa Resort is an amazing option if you chose luxury place. 

Rene’s Pasta Bar & Guesthouse is a lovely place and can be obtained for $11 if booked in advance.

Renting a motorbike in Koh Kong.

Few years ago there were only few spots where you could rent a motorbike. We got one but very poor condition and it broke few days later in the middle of a jungle! 

The city center is located along the river. Apart from stunning sunsets there isn’t much to do in the city. Street food was terrible. It was one of the worst cuisine I have tried in Asia, except the crabs. Be careful after dark, as most motorbikes drive without lights.

Local market in Koh Kong.

The local market is just in the middle of the town, where you can taste unique specialities like fried fish, crabs and tarantulas. There are few restaurants around serving nice breakfast and some local dishes. I would’t count on a massage, the ladies have other fancy way of serving your needs 😉

Beaches in Koh Kong.

The best beach in Koh Kong: Go through the bridge toward Thai border and take a first left to reach an amazing empty paradise beach. It’s a lovely place for a sunset! There’s a small beach bar where we ordered one of the best grilled fish ever! It was our small feast on the beach.

Koh Kong land border crossing Cambodia.

What to do in Koh Kong?

After successfully passing Koh Kong land border crossing, you will find yourself in the picturesque province of Koh Kong, where you can continue your adventure by exploring the natural beauty that the region has to offer. 

Explore Cardamom Mountains from Koh Kong.

Koh Kong is a great starting point for exploring one of the most incredible rainforests in Cambodia – the Cardamom Mountains

How to visit Cardamom Mountains in Cambodia?
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