Slovakia (Slovak Republic)

Languages: Slovak

Currencies: EUR · Euro (€)

Capitol: Bratislava

Continents: Europe

Borders: Poland, Czechia, Hungary, Austria, Ukraine

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Area: 49,037km2

Population: 5,458,827

Traffic/driving side: right

Landlocked country: Yes

Independent country: Yes

United Nations member: Yes

IDD Prefix: +421

Timezones: UTC+01:00

Last updated on April 22, 2024

I traveled to Slovakia mainly to climb Gerlach – it was my huge dream for the lst 2 years. Finally, after coming back from Himalayas it happened and for sure it was one of the most unforgettable climbes in my life – read my Complete guide on climbing Gerlach/Gerlachovsky Stit – highest peak in Slovakian Tatras. 

I stayed in Poland for few days to do some warm up hiking before driving to Slovakia for Gerlach adventure. After accomplishing the highest peak of Slovakia me and my sister stayed for few days in one of the most magnificent parts of Slovakian Tatras – Popradske Pleso, a gateway to many epic hiking trails. We stayed of course in Horský hotel Popradské pleso – located at Popradske Lake, surrounded by dramatic mountain range. It gave me a chance to explore the area and list most epic hikes from Popradske Pleso in Slovakian tatras.

Why it’s best to stay in Horsky Hotel in Popradske Pleso:

  • The hotel is SUPER in every way!
  • Many people come here just for magic mountain views,
  • Horsky Hotel is one of the most friendly places I’ve stayed – fabulous service, great food (freshly cooked), convenient restaurant with outdoor sitting over the lake view, the views from the hotel are stunning!
  • Horsky Hotel is higher profile shelter, all hikers and climbers are staying there, 
  • It’s a convenient starting point for all hiking trails in the area, including Rysy – the highest peak of Polish Tatras,
  • There is no other hotel within few kilometres distance and you won’t be able to drive your car up to the hotel – the area belongs to National Park and only hotel taxi can get you there. 

Here is a full guide on best hikes from Popradske Pleaso – everything you need to know for your mountain adventure!

Sedlo pod Ostrvou - one of the most epic hikes from Popradske Pleso.

This hike is fabulous due to magnificent moutnain views from the top. This is a very popular and pleasant hike from Horsky Hotel in popradske Pleso, starting from Popradske Lake. The saddle (Sedlo) spreads between two peaks: Ostrva (1984m) and Tupa (2285m). The trail path is traverse type, which is very visible on the picture below. It is considered as an easy hike as the path takes turnes to avoid vertical walking. From the lake it takes about 1.5h to get to the top taking slow pace. The view from the top is breathtaking, you can clearly see the whole mountain range (with good weather visibility) and Popradske Lake. Going down takes max an hour, so all can be done in 3h with a small break on the top for a hot tea. 

STARTING POINT: Horsky Hotel in Popradske Pleso (you can also start from Strbske Pleso Village)

DISTANCE: 5km from Popradske Pleso, 15 km from Strbske Pleso – both ways.

TIME: 3h both ways from Popradske Pleso


HEIGHT: Ostrva Peak 1984m

Hiking from Sedlo pod Ostrvou (1984m) to Sliezky Dom (1670m).

Once you reach Sedlo pod Ostrvou you can continue hiking though Batizovska Dolina up to Sliezky Dom – starting point for climbing Gerlach Peak. 

This is one of the most epic hikes from Popradske Pleso in Slovakia due to magic mountain views over Rysy (the highest Tatra Mountain Peak on Polish side) and Popradske Lake behind. 

ROUTE: Horský hotel Popradské Pleaso – Sliezky Dom

DISTANCE: 10km one way

TIME: 5h one way

ASCENT: 730metres

Strbske Pleso to Popradske Pleso hike.

There is only one hotel in Popradske Pleso, so if you decide to stay in Strbske Pleso it can be also your starting point for all these hikes. Strbske Pleso is located 4.5km from Popradske Pleso Horsky Hotel near the lake. 

Starting your hike in Strbske Pleso village you will follow red tourist trail up to Popradske Lake. A fter half an hour you will pass Trigan direction sign, keep walking through beautiful forest, Zlomiskova Valley until you see first mountain peak of Ostrva followed by Horske Hotel. 

Hike from Strbske Pleso to Popradskie Pleso takes 1.05h. 

Most convenient hotels to stay in Strbske Pleso.

Top hike to Veľké Hincovo Pleso 1948m.

This is a lovely hike and a lot of people would be doing it from Horsky Hotel. Start of the trail is just in front of the hotel – see the sign. The trail leads through stony way up and it takes 2.05h to get to Velke Honcovo Pleso near the lake area. We were hiking in October and it was extremely windy from half of the trail! Hiking trails on the way to Velke Hincovo Pleso:

  • Horsky Hotel – first crossroad to Rysy after 50 minutes. You take left toward Velke Hincovo Pleaso and Koprovsky Peak or right toward RYSY. 
  • Velke Hincovo Pleaso (1948m) you take left toward Koprovsky Peak. 

Hiking trails are well marked with signs, so you will have no problem identifying the right road.

Rule number one in mountains: Always before every hiking check weather forecast. If it shows wind above 15-20km/h get your windproof clothing on!! 

The aim was to climb Rysy – but the wind was 60-90 km/h – so that was game over for our Rysy hike plan.. Nobody likes when the weather ruins your plans but with such wind it is would be a killing hike. 

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Koprovsky Peak 2367m.

According to sighs from Velke Hincovo Pleso to Koprovsky Stit is another 1.15h. The trail is not difficult but it is considered as moderately challenging due to its altitude and windy/cloudy weather conditions that may occur. We didn’t see anything, all peaks were sunk in heavy clouds. 

Hiking from Popradske Pleso to Rysy (2501m).

Most epic hikes from Popradske Pleso in Slovakian Tatras

Hiking from Popradske Pleso to Rysy is considered much easier route than from the Polish side.

Your starting point is Horsky Hotel, the trail leads toward Velke Hincovo Pleaso but after 30 minutes you will see a crossroad (see on the left), where you are taking right along the RED trail toward Chata pod Rysami – 2h distance. The whole hiking trail is challenging, after Zabie Plesa it’s a rocky path with steel grates at one stage. From Chata pod Rysami there’s another 45 minutes before you reach Rysy 2501m, lying on the border between Poland and Slovakia.

Rysy have 3 peaks, the highest on Polish side is 2499m. 

If you want to take a pleasant walk around the lake there’s a small memorial place 20 minutes from the hotel. The place is dedicated to all famous climbers who remain somewhere on the mointains. 

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