Cartago, historical capital of Costa Rica

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Cartago is a historical capital of Costa Rica. The city along with the province villages have been damaged numerous times by natural disasters including various earthquakes.

How to get to Cartago from San Jose?

Cartago is easily accessible from San Jose bus terminal (Avenida 10) and it only takes 45 minutes to get there. Cartago is a great alternative from crowded San Jose, full of interesting monuments and completely different than present capital. It’s a great idea for a day trip to chill in a nice atmosphere of the city. It’s best to take a walk along the city to explore some interesting places and friendly restaurants. What’s most funny we landed in Mexican restaurant which where the food was brilliant! Angels Basilica is located near the center of the town. The church is a masterpiece of woodwork. You also need to take a walk to reach ruins of the Church of Cartage next to the major town square – Plaza Mayor is regarded as the center of the city. On the suburbs of the city we noticed a lot of poor districts and a huge, grey factory.

There’s another day trip you can go from San Jose – amazing Poas Volcano.


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