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Languages: Chinese

Currencies: CNY · Chinese yuan (¥)

Capitol: Beijing

Continents: Asia

Borders: Russia, Tajikistan, Laos, North Korea, Bhutan, India, Macau, Nepal, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Mongolia, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan

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Area: 9,706,961km2

Population: 1,402,112,000

Traffic/driving side: right

Landlocked country: No

Independent country: Yes

United Nations member: Yes

IDD Prefix: +86

Timezones: UTC+08:00

Last updated on February 28, 2024

Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge was built in 2016 in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in Hunan Province in China. 

It is the world’s longest and highest glass bridge suspended between two mountains in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon. Some people say the attraction is not that spectacular, the bridge glass is dirty and the experience is not that spectacular as described.

Let me tell you this from my experience – I would never miss this Skywalk opportunity – the place is unreal, surrounding canyon views are stunning, walking the bridge is a thrilling experience and it would stay in my memory forever.

It looks amazing, even in less attractive aura of late January the bridge is a phenomenon and it fully captures your attention from the start. However, if you fear of heights think twice before reaching this attraction. Check my experience for all information you should know before going and updated directions on how to get to Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge for your unforgettable SKYWALK! 

How to get to Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge – the world’s highest and longest skywalk

Some facts about Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge.

  • Length: 430 meters (1410 feet)
  • Height: 300 meters (984 feet)
  • Highlights: Walking on a transparent glass bridge hanging above deep canyon is mindblowing. The view of the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon is stunning. There are few attractions for fearless visitors: Bungee-jump platform at 300 metres, Zip-lining above the Cnayon, Rock climbing, slides, elevators.
  • Opening Hours: April – November: 7:30am-5:30pm, December – March: 8am to 4pm (check on the official website for updates!)

Is it safe to walk Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge?

Visit or not to visit? With so many attractions in Hunan province you may be asking yourself is the glass bridge really such a unique experience? You may read online the attraction is not that spectacular, the glass is dirty and some accidents info might scare you off.

Yes, few accidents occured in the past on the bridge. Several pieces of deck glass were blown off once by the wind, man was left hanging above the canyon and there was one fatal accident. It raised a lot concerns among Chinese authorities regarding the safety of the glass attraction and since the fundamental maintanance was carried out it is said the bridge is safe to accomodate all visitors. 

However, my advice would be – mind the weather conditions and avoid going if the forecast is bad. 

Book tickets in advance!

MOST IMPORTANTLY: You need to buy tickets in advance! Most sources say tickets can be purchased online from 1 day to 2 months prior the visit – but I actually bought my ticket online on the day of the trip on Ticket purchased on is valid 3 days from the date of the purchase – single entry only. This gives you a great flexibility in case you have a setback with one or two days (which happened to me few times in China). You can also book tickets in advance on

Once you made your purchase online you need to go to the ticket office to change your online ticket for a paper one by presenting your passport. You need paper ticket to get in.

Two slots available when I was there: 8.00am-12.00pm and 12.00pm-15.30pm.

Tickets & Attractions at Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge.

There are different types of tickets depending what you want to visit onsite (Type A walk or Type B walk). You can combine Canyon Walking with Glass bridge ticket or buy it separately. Type B walk includes trekking the Grand Canyon, which I was aiming for. 

How to get to Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge – the world’s highest and longest skywalk

The highest Bungee Jumping in the world.

Bungee jumping at Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge is the highest bungee platform in the world!

The platform is available in the middle of the glass bridge. The experience cost around $400. Good luck! 

How to get to Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge?

Most sources say you first need to get to Wulingyuan town to get a bus to Zhangjiajie National Park. Forget about it! Here are few simple ways to get to Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge from Zhangjiajie airport or train station by public transport.


Take a train to Zhangjiajie Railway Station or West Railway Station and then take a bus to Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon. Alternatively, you may take a taxi if you want to save time.

From the airport you can take a public bus No 4 to Zhangjiajie Central Bus Station (about half an hour) and then take a bus to Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon.

If you want to visit this attraction from another Chinese city, the easiest way is taking a short (1-2h) flight. There are many flights from other cities to Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport, check on


At the train station follow signs to Bus Station. Once you leave West Railway Station building – you will notice on your right a huge building – which is a Bus Station. Go there and ask for a bus to Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon – there are regular direct buses going to Zhanjiajie Grand Canyon main entry for 22 Yuan (one way). The drive was only 45 minutes. The bus dropped me off at the car parking, there was a lovely lady who coordinates all public transportation to/from Zhangjiajie National Park. There is also a ticket office & information in case you want to find out more about transportation options.

Tours to Zhangjiajie Canyon & Scenic Area.

Tours are very convenient option for sightseeing the National Park first of all because the area is huge and there are number of massive attractions to sea. Tours usually combine few attraction, which allows you to visit all major sites. It took me 3 days to visit all these wonders including Tianment Mountain. Here are top rated tours options:

Deposit lockers.

Useful advice: You can only access the bridge with one small backpack/bag. Thermoses are not allowed on the bridge. If you are carrying any bigger luggage – leave your stuff in the locker AT THE ENTRANCE (not upstairs!) for a small fee. To retrieve your baggage, you have to return back to the entrance after your tour. It is being delivered by a green car but you will have to wait if you left your luggage at the top luggage storage. I had to leave my beloved thermos because I left it in the locker at the top  and didn’t have time to wait for it as was rushing to catch my train.

At the top of the bridge.

Once you arrive at the top of the bridge, shoes protection will be given to cover your shoes and you are free to take your skywalk! Some staff members are constantly cleaning & drying the deck glass. It is a such a great fun to walk the glass deck. 

Magnificent Zhangjiajie Canyon Walk.

From the Sightseeing elevator you have two options: the lazy way (another elevator, slides, etc.) or if you are looking to skip crowds and hear some voices of nature (river, waterfalls, birds), I highly recommend choosing the active way – take a walking route down the canyon. There signs taking you through all the attractions on the way and it’s a stunning path along the river.

At the first section there are steep stairs, but there are barriers and chains to help you feel comfortable walking down.

The canyon path is spectacular! It’s a 2.5h walk along a beautiful river. There are multiple sights around the canyon you can’t miss: The Butterfly Spring Waterfall, Swallow Cliff, and the Barrel Cliff.

How to get to Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge – the world’s highest and longest skywalk

A tropical wooden path leads you through amazing forest scenery and hidden caves.

At the end the boat takes you back to the main entrance (boat is included in your ticket).

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