From San Jose airport to city center by bus.

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Here you’ll find some useful information on how to get from San Jose airport to city center by public bus and where to find bus stop.

In Costa Rica it’s really worth to use public transport – it’s cheap and adventurous! 😉 Most buses cost around 1$ instead of expensive taxis. If you want to travel from San Jose airport to the city center you need to exit the terminal and cross the street toward the parking garage. The local bus stop is outside the airport – on the other side of the multi-story car park which you see when you come out of the arrivals. Then you exit the terminal you need to turn left and follow the sidewalk along the street which goes around. Then turn right and after few meters there’s a bus stop. Always ask a driver if this bus goes to San Jose – because this bus stop is for buses going different directions! The bus costs less than 1 US dollar and takes you directly to downtown. If you’re still far from your place you can take a taxi but always agree the price before you get in. The taxi to downtown costs around 20-25 $.

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