Ireland (Republic of Ireland)

Languages: English, Irish

Currencies: EUR · Euro (€)

Capitol: Dublin

Continents: Europe

Borders: United Kingdom

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Area: 70,273km2

Population: 4,994,724

Traffic/driving side: left

Landlocked country: No

Independent country: Yes

United Nations member: Yes

IDD Prefix: +353

Timezones: UTC

Last updated on April 3, 2024

Djouce and Lough Tay Lake, also called the Guinness Lake, are located in the Wicklow Mountains National Park, about 20 kilometres from the most famous hiking trail – Glendalough.

Lough Tay Lake is one of the most photographed locations in Wicklow Mountains.

There are several mountain routes in the area and hiking Djouce is one of my favourite.

Old Military Road (R759) will lead you through a magnificent park scenery, if you’re lucky you’ll bump into wild horses, deers and … sheeps ;))) Sheeps will be there for sure 😉

Hiking Djouce from Lough Tay Lake.

DJOUCE MOUNTAIN – located at the level of 725 metres above sea level. It is one of the most accessible peaks, the trail is relatively easy and is suitable for hikers of all levels. It is about 5 km long and takes about 2-3 hours to complete – however all depends on the weather – read more below. Last time I hiked it was a beautiful sunny day. The trail looked like silky green grass carpet. 

LOUGH TAY LAKE is a beautiful lake located in the Wicklow Mountains National Park along the main road R759. The lake is set on the private property and for that reason you will not be able to walk down toward the lake. 

There two main hiking trails – Djouce and Luggala, both offering stunning views of the surrounding mountains and the lake itself. While hiking Djouce you will see a number of interesting landmarks along the way, including the Guinness Estate, which was once owned by the famous Guinness family.

Hiking Djouce from Lough Tay (the Guinness Lake)–magnificent trail in Wicklow Mountain.

Why is Lough Tay called the Guinness Lake?

The lake is a part of Guinness estate, the name comes from the owner of the land. There are few Lough Tay viewing points but keep in mind you can’t walk down toward the lake.

You will not be able to get to Lough Tay by any public transport (only up to Wicklow). In fact, I highly recommend driving thtough the park, as this is one of the wildest and most spectacular natural sceneries in Europe. If you’re considering car rental I would check on for best deals and offers.

Hiking Djouce from Lough Tay (the Guinness Lake)–magnificent trail in Wicklow Mountain.

Hiking Djouce peak.

Djouce is a lovely trail with spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. The trail is about 8 km long and takes about 3 hours to complete. It is a moderate hike, I hiked Djouce number of times and what’s important to say – the trail can be a magnificent hiking adventure or a slippery struggle – depending on a weather! Weather aura can completely change the picture of this stunning green hill.

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Keep in mind Irish weather is unpredictable! It is important to be prepared for changing and challenging weather conditions. Hiking shoes are a must, since there is a wooden path, which becomes slippery in rainy conditions. Bring plenty of water and snacks. It is also important to stay on designated hiking trails and to respect the natural environment and to avoid muddy areas.

Starting point for hiking Djouce.

You’ve got two parking options for hiking Djouce, while driving R759 road, you can either:

  • Use JB Malone Car Park – a public parking space, just above the lake – this is a direct starting point for hiking Djouce.
  • Park near the main Lough Tay Viewing point, which gives a clear view of the Lough Tay Lake (Guinness Lake).
Hiking Djouce from Lough Tay (the Guinness Lake)–magnificent trail in Wicklow Mountain.

Djouce route.

Djouce is quite popular trail in the area. It is a moderate hike and the views from the top are well worth the effort. 

The trail toward Djouce is well maintained, it’s mostly wooden boardwalk. If you continue to Maulin peak the distance from the lake is about 7,5 km in total.

Wicklow Mountains tours - top choices!

There are many spectacular tours around Wicklow Mountains, Kilkeny and Glendalough. One of the best choice is a day trip in a luxury coach taking you to the top sights in south-east Ireland from Kilkenny Castle to the Wicklow Mountain National Park and Glendalough’s medieval monastic settlement. 

Spectacular hiking trails in Wicklow Mountains.

Since I’ve been living in Dublin for the last 8 years, WIcklow Mountains has became my escape for any hiking advanture. The mountains perhaps are not the highest but can become very challenging in bad weather conditions, so it is a good traing for hikers. There are many spectacular trails in the park, with Lugnaquilla – the highest point of the Wicklow Mountains, which I think I hiked about 10 times, throughout some lovely half an hour lake walks. Chgeck my adventures:

Some of the most popular trails in Ireland include the Wicklow Way, the Kerry Way, and the Dingle Way, with most challenging for me so far – Glencoaghan horseshoe which leads through 6 of the 12 Bens (mountains). Each of these trails offers a unique hiking experience, with stunning views and challenging terrain. 

View on a Lough Tay
Road to Lough Tay
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