Vietnam (Socialist Republic of Vietnam)

Languages: Vietnamese

Currencies: VND · Vietnamese đồng (₫)

Capitol: Hanoi

Continents: Asia

Borders: Laos, Cambodia, China

More useful information

Area: 331,212km2

Population: 97,338,583

Traffic/driving side: right

Landlocked country: No

Independent country: Yes

United Nations member: Yes

IDD Prefix: +84

Timezones: UTC+07:00

Last updated on July 14, 2023
Dalat – central Vietnam! Plenty of things to see there. It’s time to use a local transport to each attraction.

Central Vietnam

Most important for you is to find a local small bus station (generally it’s a bus stop). It’s located next to the market, near roundabout and pond in the center of the city. First of all find a local travel information center, it’s located on the NGUYEN CHI street, next to many travel agencies, very small place but you just need to ask for the way.

Ask the guy to write you the names of the locations you want to visit in case you need to show it to the bus driver. And it’s easier to show the name to locals when you need to ask for directions. The bus tickets were really expensive!

What to see in Dalat?

  1. Linh Phuoc Pagoda (east way from Dalat). You need to see this!!! You’ll find a whole article about this magnificent Pagoda: Linh Phuoc.
  2. Waterfall Thac Datania (south way) nice but not that spectacular.
  3. Elephant falls (depends on a season, ask if the waterfall is not dried).
  4. Pongour waterfall – beautifull, quite far away from Dalat, south-west way. Check during the dry season. When I was there almost no water in the fall.
  5. Lang Biang peak (north way) very nice mountain biking tours.
  6. NEED to visit – CRAZY house. Read more about it here. This is really an amazing place although you need to pay an entrance fee. Still worth to go inside, unique, incredible idea and an atmosphere. 🙂
  7. Phuoc Hue – I really liked this small and simple Pagoda, it’s on the way from Dalat to Phuoc Pagoda.


Colorful interior of Linh Phuoc Pagoda in central Vietnam
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