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La Fortuna is a really nice and budget-friendly city. Most of people come here to reach Cerro Chato and Arenal Volcano – the greatest tourist attraction, which is clearly seen from la Fortuna. Volcano hiking is one of the attractions awaiting us in the La Fortuna. 

Clearly unless it doesn’t rain. After we got to la Fortuna locals told us it had been raining for 2 weeks. And it wasn’t a drizzle it was a heavy downpour with low hanging cloud. We saw that cloud and got really upset at first that it might be impossible to see the volcano. On the other day the weather was so clear and sunny that we could even see the top of the smoking crater. Best view of Arenal Volcano is from Observatory Lodge Hotel. You can even see the scars of previous lava flows.

What to do in La Fortuna?

One of the nicest things we did was a day walk toward La Fortuna Waterfall (entrance 15$). On the way you can obviously admire amazing nature, rainforest, wildlife and the view of Arenal Volcano but also lots of small, interesting shops and galleries, where people make incredible wooden sculptures and other types of handicraft (hammocks, masks). 

We entered one of these gift shops, the lady invited us on the backyard of their house to show how her husband is making those things. He also asked us if we want to see the tukans. 

At first we didn’t believe the guy but then he pointed a finger to a stand and stuck some fruits to attract the birds. After few minutes we saw small colorful birds coming. At the end some tukans showed up far in the trees.

Before coming to Costa Rica you will be told that this is bird lover’s paradise, where you can admire gorgeous birds everywhere. It’s s bullshit. First of all the birds are almost inaccessible during the day, at least not tukans. 

They hate the heat and spend most of the day deep in the forest in chilly places. In Costa Rica you can enjoy bird watching tours to chase unique species through lens. Although it’s not an attraction for me, I prefer enjoying pretty scenery of wildlife on my own.

Near la Fortuna you will find hot springs, heated by the volcano’s thermal energy. The place is a little crowded as the entrance is free. Lots of local young people come there to enjoy the warm bath among candles and a can of cold bear.

Hiking Cerro Chato was our next incredible adventure.

View on Arenal Volcano
View on Arenal Volcano
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