Spain (Kingdom of Spain)

Languages: Spanish

Currencies: EUR · Euro (€)

Capitol: Madrid

Continents: Europe

Borders: France, Morocco, Gibraltar, Portugal, Andorra

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Area: 505,992km2

Population: 47,351,567

Traffic/driving side: right

Landlocked country: No

Independent country: Yes

United Nations member: Yes

IDD Prefix: +34

Timezones: UTC, UTC+01:00

Last updated on November 26, 2023

Lanzarote – fascinating, unique with heavy volcanic origin easternmost of the Canary Islands. With 150k people living on the island and more than 300 hundred volcanic cones, the island is a paradise for nature & volcano hikers and water sport lovers. Those 3 factors makes Lanzarote my favourite island of the archipelago. However the island widely appeals to wine and architecture enthusiasts. Here are top things to discover in Lanzarote in the Canary Islands with best attractions and itinerary around the island.

Lanzarote and Fuerteventura are two most adventurous islands among the main 4: Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura. There are 3 other significant islands of the archipelago: La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro, which are easily accesible on a day-trips.

Top things to discover in Lanzarote.

Lanzarote is very quiet and family friendly island. The island appears to be very safe with very low crime rate and friendly local people.  The biggest attractions on the islands and must-visit breathtaking sights are:

  1. Parque Nacional de Timanfaya with kilometres of lava fields and stunninc volcanic cones landscape, 
  2. Mirador del Río – magnificent viewing point at 475 metres (by architect Cezar Manrique) – Full day tour is agreat option.
  3. Los Hervideros – longest lava tunnels!
  4. Playa de los Ciclos – black beach and a green lake Charco de Los Clicos,
  5. Volcano hiking tours!

Lanzarote view from the plane.

Arrecife – the capital of Lanzarote.

Arrecife is a port city and a capital of Lanzarote. César Manrique-Lanzarote Airport or Arrecife Airport is located 6km from Arrecife city.

Arrecife with it’s unique architecture and endless beaches is nothing like other capital cities of Canary Islands. Cesar Manrique – famous artist and architect, designed most of the top attaractions in the island. 

Playa del Reducto is the main beach in Arrecife. Take a short walk along the promenade and you’ll find youself on a beautiful old bridge leading to Castillo de San Gabriel – 16th century fortress (entry fee is $1.90, 2023).

How to get from the airport to Arrecife.

The easiest and fastest way to get from the airport to Arrecife is by taxi. It’s a 10 minute ride and should not cost you more than $15. 

If you wish to take the bus 22, it leaves from Terminal 2 and drops you off in the south-west coast of Arrecife – just next to Playa del Reducto. It’s 1 km from the famous Castillo de San Gabiel – located in the cetral port. 

Puerto del Carmen resort town.

Puerto del Carmen – probably the most popular resort town in Lanzarote, located 7km south direction from the Arrecife Airport (taxi approx. $20).

Puerto del Carmen has it all – kilometres of golden beaches, amazing restaurant set up, plenty of water sport adventures and one of the most luxury villas. 

One of the top things to discover in lanzarote in Canary Islands is volcano hiking. Puerto del Carmen is a gateway for few stunning hikes. Volcan el Cuervo (photos) is located only 15 minute drive from the town. There is a convenient parking at the starting point of the trail. Volcanic landscape and lunar fields amaze from the start. Follow the path for 30 minutes to reach the volcano. There are signs do not leave the path for safety reasons. You’ll be able to walk to the interior of the volcano and trek around it.

Adventurous day tours in Lanzarote.

Lanzarote car rental.

The most comfortable and hassle free way of exploring the island is by car. Car rental in Lanzarote (like in most Canary Islands) is very straightforward and affordable. I can highly recommend DISCOVER CARS the best an award winning car rental in Lanzarote – with best rates, no hidden cost, no card fees and free cancellation (World Travel Awards, Financial Times 1000).

Had really great experience with this company was one of the best, it’s just a proper car rental company with very polite service, excellent cars – mine was almost new, best rates. 

Timanfaya National Park - Fire Mountains (Montañas del Fuego) - 2023 guide.

Timanfaya National Park is undoubtly one of the most spectacular parts of the island. The National Park is UNESCO protected space where some of the volcanoes are still active. The entry to the park is 12 Euro and you need to leave your car in the coach park and you’ll be taken on a bus tour. 


  • Get there as early as possible – this attraction is extremely popular and there are hundreds or even thousadns of people trying to get in. Try to be there 15-20 minutes before opening to secure smooth entry. 
  • If you get there for 12, you will need to queue for a long time (depending on a season of course, but Lanzarote is full with tourists almost all year round). 
  • Take water and some snacks with you!
  • Once you are in the coach, there are no stopovers (so make sure to use toilet before getting in). 
  • Timanfaya unique place and a must-visit. Volcanic landscape is breathtaking!

To make the most of this experience you can book one of the tours. 

Most spectacular beaches in Lanzarote.

  • Playa de Famara – one of the most famous surfing beaches, located in central-north of the island.
  • Playa de los Ciclos – black beach near the green lake (on the photo) – Charco de Los Clicos and Los Hervideros (the lava tunnels),
  • Puerto del Carmen
  • Playa Blanca (west end of the island),
  • Arrecife – gold sand beach.
  • Playa Honda – located between Puerto del Carmen and Arrecife) just next to the airport. This is the place if you want to do kitesurfing but it also offers lots of other beach attractions.

Best options for Lanzarote hotels.

Arrecife – the capital of the island and airport city is quite popular and you’ll be able to get a nice accommodation for $60-70/per night for a double room. Browse all accommodation options for Arrecife.

For more private places located in quiet Tinajo – traditional local town, you’ll find few exceptional accommodations:

Mid-range hotels and lofts:

Los Hervideros - the longest Lava Tubes in the wolrd.

Los Hervideros cliffs with magnificent black lava tunnels are among top things to discover in Lanzarote in the Canary islands. There are the longest lava tubes in the world. There is a beautiful coastal drive along the black cliffs with convenient viewing points. Get closer to the lava tubes to see the unreal power of the oceanic water flowing below the black rocks. 

Top things to discover in Lanzarote in the Canary Islands - freestyletraveling

Charco de Los Clicos - green lake.

Charco de los Clicos is a beautiful emerald green lake cut off from the shore by an impressive black beach. The is located close to El Golfo – tiny fishing village, 2-3km from famous Hervideros – black lava tunnels. The colour of the lake comes from algae contrasting against the black sand. There is a convenient parking next to the beach, from where you can take a short walk toward the emerald lake. 

Aloe plantations & natural cosmetics.

Lanzarote is extremely famous for aloe plantations, there’s plenty of them across the island. You can buy 99% aloe vera cosmetics in many local shops. Aloe vera museum is well worth visiting, to get to know how positive effect aloe has on human body. There are 300 types of aloe but only about 10 of them are extremely beneficial. Shops located near aloe plantations produce face and body care products – which are 100% organic and not tested on animals. 

Tinajo carnaval.

I was very lucky to wintess summer festivals on the island of Lanzarote. Concerts, parades, costium & dancing performances spread all over the island all year round with religious celebrations in September month. Tinajo – where I stayed, perhaps is not the biggest tourist hub (which I loved about it) but it hosts the biggest island annual fiesta! The municipality of Tinajo is located in the heart of the island. The place welcomes you with a great chilled atmosphere and surrounds will slow pace of life. With few delicious local restaurants and a car next to your villa – it’s a best gateaway for Lazarote adventurous. 

Lanzarote volcano hiking.

There’s no better to discover Lanzarote in the canary islands other than hiking. With many incredible volcano hikes you’ll be able to explore Timanfaya National Park erruptions (some volcanoes are still active) or Cueva de los Verdes formed by the underground river of lava. I was so fascinated by the volcanic landscape of the island that I hiked almost every cone 😉 Check my best 8 hiking routes in Lanzarote. 

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