Spain (Kingdom of Spain)

Languages: Spanish

Currencies: EUR · Euro (€)

Capitol: Madrid

Continents: Europe

Borders: France, Morocco, Gibraltar, Portugal, Andorra

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Area: 505,992km2

Population: 47,351,567

Traffic/driving side: right

Landlocked country: No

Independent country: Yes

United Nations member: Yes

IDD Prefix: +34

Timezones: UTC, UTC+01:00

Last updated on November 3, 2023

Why to visit Tenerife?

Tenerife is an extremely popular holiday destination, hosting over 5 milion tourists annually. What makes Tenerife different from all the Canary Archipelago and why you should be visiting this Spanish beauty?

  • First of all – Tenerife is the largest of all Canary Islands,
  • Mount Teide – masive natural wonder – is the third highest volcano in the world,
  • Mount Teide is the highest peak in Canary Islands and whole Spain.

The island volcanic origin attracts visitors with its mild climate, gold & black sand beaches and volcano trails – which was mine primary goal for visiting the island. I have traveled around the whole island and visited almost every hiking path, and here are my 3 incredible hikes in Tenerife.

1. Mount Teide (Pico del Teide) - the third highest volcano in the world!

Hiking Pico del Teide was the main reason I came to visit the island. After hiking Fuerteventura and Lanzarote with over 300 volcano cones, I finally reached Pico del Teide.

Pico del Teide hike is a big challenging adventure but it’s definitely no 1 of all hikes in Tenerife with breathtaking views from the top, spreading across the whole archipelago.

Mount Teide gives a great preparation & training ahead of major hiking expeditions. It’s an intensive, strenuous hike above 3700 metres, where you might have to deal with sympthoms of high altitude sickness.

Mount Teide Hike - all you need to know.

Get fully prepared for the hike with my Step by Step Guide on Mount Teide Hike.

If hiking on foot both ways seems a bit extreme, you can always take a cable car one way. 


  • Bottom Cable Car station is at an altitude of 2356 metres.
  • La Rambleta – Upper Cable Car station at the altitude of 3555 metres. 

To reach Mount Teide peak you need to obtain a FREE PERMIT ONLINE. Without the permit you will be only allowed to reach the top cable car station at the level of 3550m but will not be allowed to climb Teide peak.

The number of visitors to Mount Teide is limited by the authority to only 200 people daily entering the National Park.

Book your Mount Teide permition well in advance (even 3-4 months). 

There are two options for applying for permission: 

  1. Process the reservation online through an Official National Parks reservation website for General Public.
  2. Book a tour with an accredited guide by the National Park.

At the upper cable car station you will need to present your permit and ID (you will not be allowed to enter the gate without your ID). From the gate you need to hike around 45 minutes to reach maical peak of Mount Teide!

Is it possible to hike Mount Teide without a guide?

Yes, it’s totally doable to hike Pico del Teide alone, the path to the top is quite well maintained. There are few routes leading to the top of Mount Teide, the most popular route is via Montana Blanca. However you need to be in a good fitness level and have some experience in high altitude hikes. It takes more than 1300 vertical metres to climb at once. The weather conditions can be tricky – from windy, snowy to an aggresive sun – check the weather forecast before your attempt.

How long does it take to hike Mount Teide?

My route led via Montana Blanca, I approached the mountain both ways on foot. Hiking time is normally 10-12 hours both ways. There is a popular basecamp – Altavista Refuge, where hikers could previously stay overnight and watch one of the most spectacular sunrises. But it has been temporarily closed (it’s still closed at the end of 2023). 

Getting around Tenerife by car.

The easiest way to explore this beautiful island is by car. DISCOVER CARS is the best an award winning car rental in tenerife – with best rates, no hidden cost and free cancellation (World Travel Awards, Financial Times 1000). 

Hiring car in Tenerife is very affordable and straighforward. With a car you becaome totally independing with time and itinerary.

2. Punta de Teno in Rural de Teno Park.

Punta de Teno and Teno Alto are located in the Teno Mountains in the Rural de Teno Park. It is a realtively easy hike offering magnificent coastal views.

STARTING POINT: Car parking (see the photo) is conveniently located near the main road and this is your starting point (see google maps) for hiking the green hills.

The trail to Punta de Teno with the clifftop lighthouse, located at the protected area of the northwest end of the island, is a 10 km hike.

However to reach Teno Alto you will only need to accomplish 3.5 km. The accessibility of the hike makes it very popular spot for incredible viewing points. But further you hike the less people will be on the trail. 

3. Anaga - magnificent Benijo Loop hike.

The hike takes you through most spectacular landscapes of the Park Rural de Anaga with a view over the beautiful rocky coastline. The trail is quite exposed making it difficult in wet conditions. 

STARTING POINT: You may start in Playa de Benijo and take wooden stairs to Benijo town to find signs toward El Draguillo.

This part of the trail takes you you along the wide gravel coastal road with seriously breathtaking views. The first 30-40 minutes is an easy hike on a well marked road, until you reach a crossroad with signes. While I was on the trail the mountains sunk in the clouds, I could not see anything and decided to do a mini loop – at the crossroad in Draguillo take right direction and follow signs to Chamorga village. The rocky trail is very well visible on the beginning but then it gets more messy and neglected, it is not maintained and sometimes you may wonder if you are still on the right path. Don’t be surprised hiking through dense bushes, cactuses and palm trees.

Benijo full loop hike is generally considered as a challenging route with some tricky sections. 

Benijo full loop hike – treking route: Benijo-El Draguillo-Las Palmas -Faro Punta de Anaga/Lighthouse-Casas de Tafada-Chamorga/the village-Benijo.

How to get to Benijo?

Benijo is easily reachable through main road TF-134. There is also public bus 946 stopping near Playa de Benijo. Mirador Benijo is a stunning viewing point with the wooden stairs taking you back to Benijo town from where you can start your hike. 

Tours not to miss in Tenerife!

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