Traveling to Kyoto from Tokyo

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I was so excited by travelling to Kyoto that I almost didn’t get any sleep. 😉 You have to know that in Kyoto there are hundreds of temples so you need to decide wisely what to see, because it’s just impossible to visit all the places.

Traveling to Kyoto from Tokyo by train.

I started the day at 4 a.m. by taking the famous Shinkasen train. The station in Tokyo looks like cosmic platform. I buy ticket to get to Tenryu Ji & Bamboo grove from 14th century. I’m running to catch the right train, holding my ticket tight, asking every officer about the way. I luckily reach my platform and the train is leaving on time. Kyoto is 550 km from Tokyo and it takes only 2.15 hours to get there and costs around 250 euro (return). The window landscape is nice, if the weather is favourable you will clearly see the Fuji Moutain. It looks amazing! After getting of from the train I see there is a lot of tourists, mainly Asian, taking the same direction. There are so many people that we just take small steps in a huge crowd to get of from the station. After that everyone is following the same path up to the hill. The air is so clear and transparent and the colorful landscape is stunning! But I have a feeling the place is a little too touristic. Maybe because it’s Sunday. The first temple is wonderful but the queue to the entrance is terrible. I’m taking a bamboo path to get to the bamboo grave. I visit other temples and on the way back I take a really nice walk through the small city.

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