Cardamom Mountains, Cambodia

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From Koh Kong city you can start exploring incredible landscape of Cardamom Mountains, absolutely unspoiled, pure and undiscovered nature.

Cardamom Mountains.

After crossing south coast land border from Thailand to Cambodia you reach the Koh Kong city – worth reading! 😉 We rent a motorbike, which was extremely difficult as there were only three motorbike rentals in  Koh Kong. We found one of the last motorbikes which was in a very poor condition and finally broke down in the middle of the jungle. 🙂 We had to organise a car to take the motorbike and of course pay for this ‘road assistance’. Anyway, luckily it broke down in one of the main roads in Cardamom Mountains instead of small, gravel paths.

How to get to Cardamom Mountains?

The southwest Cardamom dense jungle covers 1 million hectares – 6% of Cambodia, concealing amazing biodiversity, mangroves, waterfalls and wildlife sanctuary. The easy way to get there is taking a road no 48, driving along small Koh Kong airport. After 20-30 km turn right into one of the small roads, which will lead you to the mangroves, wildlife sanctuary and beautiful river bridge. This is where we met a group of Buddhist Monks. Their orange robes look amazing against the grey background. If you drive further in the south direction you’ll reach the National Park. It might be a great idea to do the trekking across the Cardamom Mountains which usually includes boat trips, kayaking and sleeping in the jungle. Along the river cost I found amazing unfinished bungalows connected by wooden bridges taking you long way through the river side. I guess the owner was run out of money and it up-to-date remains without windows and exit doors.

Cardamom Mountains was an unexpected piece of pure biodiversity in this region of Cambodia. The trails are maintained enough to be able to drive alone and not get lost. Take water with you and some snacks, although we even found a restaurant opened next to the river.

Cardamom Mountains

Cardamom Mountains

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