South Africa (Republic of South Africa)

Languages: Afrikaans, English, Southern Ndebele, Northern Sotho, Southern Sotho, Swazi, Tswana, Tsonga, Venda, Xhosa, Zulu

Currencies: ZAR · South African rand (R)

Capitol: Pretoria, Bloemfontein, Cape Town

Continents: Africa

Borders: Namibia, Botswana, Eswatini, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Lesotho

More useful information

Area: 1,221,037km2

Population: 59,308,690

Traffic/driving side: left

Landlocked country: No

Independent country: Yes

United Nations member: Yes

IDD Prefix: +27

Timezones: UTC+02:00

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Last updated on July 14, 2023

Cape Town is located on the south-west tip of Republic of South Africa, surrounded with Atlantic Ocean waters from the west and Indian Ocean on the east. It’s a fabulous cosmopolitan city with absolutely stunning, buzzing harbour, fantastic hiking trails and world-class beaches. Landscape diversity makes this place highly attractive and adventurous for visitors and below is my selection for the best things to see in Cape Town. December to February would be the hottest months for Cape Town with June – August as winter season. All this with its cultural and cuisine diversity makes it one of the most popular destinations in the world. 

Cape Town – Afrikaans: Kaapstad, city established in 1652 with the arrival of Dutch (stad – city). Here is some practical information for Cape Town.




LOCAL TRANSPORT: Exists but not reccomended for tourists.

CURRENCY: ZAR (South African Rand)

WEATHER: annual temperaturs in the below table: red-summer, orange-spring, blue-winter, green-autumn.

Weather in Cape Town, South Africa

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Getting around Cape Town - transport.

UBER and BOLT are available in Cape Town along with a taxi meter taxi.

Car Hire: Best option for car hire is the international airport.

Official Cape Town bus is MyCiti Bus Service which has routes all over the city. Card can be purchased at the airport and recharged.

Local transport – not advised to use for any travellers due to safety reasons (2022).

For any transport information visit Official Public Transport website HERE. 

Best things to see in Cape Town!

V & A Waterfront is a stunning habrour and the most popular area in the town, with original Food Hall, hundreds of shops, craftwork, artistic landmarks and museums. You’ll also find there most expensive catamarans in the world and if you are looking for indulgent adventures you’ll be able to book cruises or sailing tours with one of the local operators. Enjoy a sunset cruise along the Atlantic coast with golden quality hospitality served on board.

One thing you cannot miss while there are the coffee shops. It’s your great chance to enjoy real coffee flavour, where best coffee beans are sourced from local farms. Walk through the water bridge and take a walk along the promenade to explore artistic landmarks of the area. Majority of best things to see in Cape Town are located in the Waterfront harbour. Follow Rhinos sculptures in the harbour to meet number of local attractions, funny and interactive spots in the Waterfront harbour. V & A Waterfront is one of the best things to see in magic Cape Town, daytime and night-time. Visit V&A Food Market to experience goodnes and South African cuisine. There are number of local flavours including Beer and Whisky Jam, untypical citrus, olive or tomato salt, but also a good choice of international street food. 

Hiking Table Mountains for sunrise above the Table Bay.

Table Mountain is conveniently situated in the city and easily accessible by car up to the beginning of the trail. Even in crazy early hours you will see many people, cars and tours hiking Table and neighbourhood mountains. Table Mountain is a pleasant 45–60-minute hike along a maintained path leading to the top of the mountain with views spreading all over the magnificent Table Bay. It was totally dark and quiet when we reached the top. The sun rays were slowly revealing the beauty of the sparkling bay until the orange sunset unlighted the whole coastline. The beauty of this town is overwhelming. 

CABLEWAY: If you don’t feel like hiking there is more convenient option to get to the top by a cableway. Book tickets in advance.

Did you know that Cape Town has won third place as the greatest city in the world!

Hiking Lion’s Head.

Hiking Lion’s Head is definitely one of the best things to do in Cape Town – it’s one of the best know city attractions and due to its accessibility and unforgettable views of Cape Town and the Bay itself. Sunrise over Cape Town from the Lion’s Head spot was one of the most spectacular views I’ve seen.

Table Mountains National Park.

TABLE MOUNTAINS NATIONAL PARK is a fabulous place for hikers, climbers and runners. On of the best things to see in Cape Town are African Pinguins in Boulders Beach located within the Table Mountain Protected Area.

One-day tours are highly safe and best option to travel around and explore best places. Pinguins watching and safari tours are best to visit within an organized one-day tours. This way of exploring is preferred for this country for safety reasons and limited transportation options (traveling around by a local transport is not advised – June 2022).

Robben Island.

One of the best things to see in Cape Twon is visiting Robben Island. Take a ferry tour to the famous Island, were number of politicians and Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. The island is a Unesco World Heritage Site. The tour starts in Cape Town harbour – Waterfront at the Nelson Mandela Gateway with a museum and exhibition, from where the ferry takes you to a guided tour over the Robben Island. Guided tour usually lasts about 4 hours but it’s possible to go on your own and explore the island. Book ferry tickets in advance if not going with a tour.

Scenic Ocean Drives.

You won’t be able to explore this attraction in most places, so don’t miss this unique opportunity in Cape Town. Ocean drives are one of the best things to see in Cape Town. The town is situated on a peninsula surrounded by two oceans – Indian and Atlantic, and a long, magnificent mountain range. This untypical location hosts one of the most scenic curving roads of the whole continent. While number of people would be hiking the city for sunrise views, sunset is definitely preferred for any ocean drive.

Most scenic Ocean Drives: Chapman’s Peak Drive, Drive to the top of Signal Hill or Drive along Victoria Road.

Kalk Bay.

Kalk Bay is a perfect drive for whales watching (only June to November) and having dinner in one of the restaurants. There are also number of lovely and cosy cafes highly recommended to visit.

Wine plantations and best dining experience.

Cape Town is surrounded by vineyards. Which you absolutely must visit for wine tasting and world-class dining experience. For the majority of these places the mouth-watering meals are served by a Masterchief in one of the old Dutch home architecture. If you are not a wine fan visit for winelands and countryside views. 

Stellenbosch would be very popular place for wine tasting. Best farms are located only 30-45minute drive from the city centre (depending on traffic). 

Safety and nighlife in Cape Town.

You would love the nightlife in Cape Town city centre! However there’s probably one question in your mind – is Cape Town a safe place to wonder around?

The authorities made safety and security a priority in Western part of the city. The best option to travel around is still hiring a car but The MyCiti busses and stations are pretty safe way of traveling. 

Spectacular rooftop bars and coctails places with make your night unforgettable. The atmosphere in local restaurants is steaming, so don’t forget to book a table in advance. 

Best place to stay is obviously the Western part of the Town in the Waterfront area. Marina Residential Estate is the most luxury part of the city with top class houses guarded 24/7. Dock Road is a lovely scenic road along the coastline.

Best rooftop bars in Cape Town.

While visiting Cape Twon you have to include few escapes to rooftop bars. The western part of the city offers amazing restaurants, buzzing rooftop bars and stripclubs!! 😉 Here is the list of top rooftop bars you should visit:

  1. 14Stories Rooftop Bar (on the photo)
  2. Baptiste Rooftop
  3. Sky Bar at the Grey Hotel
  4. Utopia Cape Town
  5. Up Yours & Yours Truly
  6. Red Roof
  7. Skye Rooftop Bar (with a little more acceptable prices and breathtaking views over the Lion’s Head peak)

Don’t forget to order South African patriotic drink for RUGBY – SPRINGBOKKIE. It’s green and gold colours are a reflection of national rugby team colors!

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