Public transport in Israel is very well developed. There are few buses going from Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem to the Dead Sea, drives road no 90 which goes along the whole Dead Sea toward south. From Tel Aviv, there is a bus no 421 to Masada and the Dead Sea. Bus no 486 travels from the Jerusalem Central Bus Station (platform 5) direct to the Sea, Ein Gedi and Masada. Bus no 444 travels from Jerusalem to Masada and Ein Gedi to reach Eilat. I wasn’t expecting to see a fencing along the whole way of the Dead Sea. The red signs say ‘enter strictly forbidden’ and ‘open pits’. 

Bus no 486 has a lot of stops along the way in all junctions near resorts, camps and major towns. In fact he can drop you whenever you want, as there are many bus stops on the way. I was heading Neve Zohar not for a reason. As public beaches are located in major cities I was looking to find the amazing scenery of the Sea – the salty formations. The bus also stops at the @Lowest point on earth’ near Ein Gedi! 🙂

Where to stay ?

Here are few most popular places :

  1. Kalya Beach – where you will be able to experience mug bath, the ultimate spa experience.
  2. Ein Gedi – hotel prices were extreme around December New Year. Much more affordable option is to stay in nearest camps.
  3. Ein Bokek – really surprised me with a number of huge hotels and a public beach – just remember water there is quite dark.
  4. Neve Zohar – much peaceful, charming small village I would recommend. I stayed there for two nights and it was absolutely out of space! Actually there’s only few guesthouses and not even one shop. You can take a bus to Ein Bokek, it’s just 15 minutes and buy all the necessary things. In takes 2.5h to get from Jerusalem to Neve Zohar

Neve Zohar – best place to stay at the Sea

You need 10 minutes walk up north from Neve Zohar to reach the heaven beach and a salt bridge. Heaven beach is located in from of Leonardo Club Hotel. The beach is located in front of a huge hotel and is free. Well at least was in January 2019. You can relax on the beach and experience swimming in white water of the Dead Sea – feels really amazing! The beach is also a starting point for salt bridge. You would find them only in the southern part of the Dead Sea. They connect Israel and Jordan. The walk takes couple of hours but the salty coast is overwhelming!! Take a look at the pictures. Movie to be watched here: Salt bridges in the Dead Sea.

How to get from the Dead Sea to Eilat

Getting from Dead Sea to Eilat is by bus no 444. If you are near Neve Zohar all you need to do is to walk north to reach Leonardo Club Hotel where the bus stop is. Bus no 444 drives from Jerusalem to Eilat through Ein Gedi. At Leonardo Beach Hotel the bus should be at 11.30 but it’s often little late.
sign at Dead Sea