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Public transport in Israel is very well developed. There are few public buses going to Dead Sea from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Road no 90 leads along the whole Dead Sea south direction and unveils one of the most spectacular views of the coutry. One thing that surprised me was a solid fencing spreading along the Dead Sea coast for the most of the ride, with number of red signs ‘Enter strictly forbidden’ and ‘Open pits’. 

Most of the public beaches are located within towns, however many of them are hotel and resort beaches and access from the outside would be denied. Most tourist staying in the hotel would come for floating adventure in Dead Sea. But I was chasing to see the incredible salty formations near small village Neve Zohar.

How to get to Dead Sea from Tel Aviv by public bus?

  • BUS no 421 goes to Masada and Dead Sea from Tel Aviv.
  • BUS no 486 travels from the Jerusalem Central Bus Station (platform 5) directly to the Dead Sea, Ein Gedi and Masada.
  • BUS no 444 travels from Jerusalem to Masada and Ein Gedi and further to Eilat.

Bus no 486 has a lot of bus stops along the way – in almost all junctions, resorts, camps and towns. In fact it has so many bus stops that he can drop you whenever needed.

Bus no 421 is definitely the best option to travel to Dead Sea from Tel Aviv. It goes from Tel Aviv bus terminal (also known as Arlozorov Terminal). It departs twice a day: 9am and 12pm – but check the information, as time schedules might change.

You can buy tickets HERE ONLINE but only up to 14 days in advance. Visit the bus station in Tel Aviv to ask for all travel information at the ticket office!

Bus no 421 going to Dead Sea stops @ THE LOWEST POINT ON EARTH near EIN GEDI!

Segregated Beach near Neve Zohar!

Segregated Beach near Neve Zohar is one of the most incredible destinations to see the salty formations of the Dead Sea. It’s located in front of Leonardo Plaza Hotel. Apart from the salty phenomen there are number of salty bridges linking Israel and Jordan through the Dead Sea! If you look at google map the border between those two countries runs just in the middle of the Dead Sea. Immerce yourself in dense salty waters, it’s the most incredible floating experience.

Dead Sea - most intriguing natural phenomenon!

The salt and minerals remain at the bottom of the sea, but the cone-shaped slaty formations are visible through crystal waters of the sea. It is the fourth saltiest body of water in the world!

The Dead Sea has a salinity of 34 percent, which is 10 times more than the oceans with an average salinity of 3.5 percent.

Where to stay near Dead Sea?

Most popular places along the Dead Sea coast are:

  1. Kalya Beach – where you will be able to experience mug bath, the ultimate spa experience.
  2. Ein Gedi – hotel prices were extreme around December New Year. Much more affordable option is to stay in nearest camps.
  3. Ein Bokek – really surprised me with a number of huge hotels and a public beach – just remember water there is quite dark.
  4. Neve Zohar – peaceful and charming small village – or rather a community settlement! It’s a very tiny place but so different to the rest of the heavy resorts at the coast. If you are keen to enjoy the real scenery of Israel and the Dead Sea, this is highly recommended place to stay. I stayed for two nights and the beach near Leonardo Club Hotel was absolutely out of space! Actually there’s only few guesthouses in the village and NO SHOP! Most guesthouses in the area are equipped with kitchen, serving basic breakfast. You can take a bus to Ein Bokek, which is only 15 minutes drive from Neve Zohar to do shopping and buy essentials. In takes 2.5h to get from Jerusalem to Neve Zohar. 
Dalia Guesthouse was my stay, with very pleasant rooms and amazing outdoor facilities. 

Neve Zohar – best place to stay at the Sea.

You need 10 minutes walk up north from Neve Zohar to reach the heaven beach, just next to a salt bridge. The beach is located near Leonardo Club Hotel and in 2019 the entry was free of charge. Floating in the turquioise waters of the Dead Sea is a life-time experience. Amazing phenomenon. You can also walk the salt bridge, which is next to the beach, connecting Israel with Jordan. To walk the whole bridge might take couple of hours and it’s probably forbidden to cross the border. The salty coast is overwhelming!! 

How to get from the Dead Sea to Eilat.

The easiest way to get from Dead Sea to Eilat is taking a bus no 444. If you are near Neve Zohar all you need to do is to walk north direction to reach Leonardo Club Hotel. The bus is just near the hotel entrance.  Bus no 444 drives from Jerusalem to Eilat through Ein Gedi. At Leonardo Beach Hotel the bus is scheduled for 11.30 but it’s often little late.

sign at Dead Sea

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