Bus from Aqaba (Jordan) to Petra.

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Getting to Petra from Jordan’s border by a local bus.

Road to Aqaba – the nearest city on the Jordan’s site, is 3 km long and you won’t be allowed to walk it, as they claim it’s a military road. In my opinion it’s only to make you take a taxi and pay – 15 JD (Jordan Dinars). The price is for a taxi not per person (normally it’s a fare for 50 km in Jordan). Tell taxi driver to take you to local mini bus station in Aqaba. There’s lot’s of mini buses – also going to Wadi Rum.

Getting from Aqaba to Petra by local transport/mini bus.

It is possible to get to Petra from Aqaba by local transport (December 2018). Mini bus to Petra leaves at 1pm. But the bus must be full, otherwise does not go – no point in asking a driver if it leaves for sure – they will tell you YES the bus leaves in 1 or 2 hours but if there’s not gonna be enough travelers the bus won’t go. In December 2018 the bus did not have a problem to fill. It’s mostly ocupated by locals and the driver smokes in the bus!! Disgusting! The road to Petra takes 2.5h. and it’s up to 1400 m above see level. It’s important as I was diving a lot and got very scared when the bus was going up, as you are not allowed to change altitude within next 24h. If you don’t find a mini bus in Aqaba going to Petra you can always take a taxi for 50JD. Agree the price first before you get into the cab. And NEVER pay in advance! Also NEVER take a taxi to Petra from the border! They want much more than from Aqaba. Even if you have to take a taxi alone to Aqaba and then negotiate taxi price to Petra it will be much cheaper. I don’t like to say it but honestly the drivers were owefull! They cheated an Asian guy and did not want to give him money back. Then we paid a lot more than locals. Don’t get me wrong, Jordan people are very nice but they will use a single occasion rip you off! A local driver gave me a lift in Petra – which is very common and took 5JD, only because he saw me with a backpack, which means I have just arrived and have no clue about the prices. So, just to give you an idea, the distance through the whole city is 2-3 JD by taxi. So he cheated on me triple price.

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