Best traditional Portuguese food you need to try

Best traditional Portuguese food you need to try!

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Traditional Portuguese food is one of my favourite, along with the Spanish one. Obviously it is mostly based on fish and sea food but there’s plenty of vegan options to find there. Portuguese traditional cuisine has rich history, Portugal has been obsessed with cod since 16th century. The name Terra do Bacalhau – ‘Land of cod fish’ started appearing even on different geographical maps.

Grilled sardines dish that is a traditional food from Portugal!

Grilled sardines are one of the most quintessential Portuguese things that you can eat – served as they are – bones and heads intact. This type of sardines is a very popular dish in most Portuguese festivals. Not everyone is a fan of grilled sardines, but these can also be eaten pickled or smoked when fresh. The other option is to try sardines in cans. You can eat them right out of the can and choose different flavours. There are number of shops in Lisbon where you can buy really good quality can sardines.

Best traditional Portuguese food you need to try -

Pastel de nata – Portuguese tart.

Although this pastries is well know all-over the world, for real taste you need to try it only in Portugal! The pastry is filled with a custard made of cream, egg yolks, sugar, flour, and lemon zest and melts in your mouth!

Best traditional Portuguese food you need to try -
Best traditional Portuguese food you need to try -

Pimientos de Padron.

Olive-oil fried green baby peppers, served with salt. This is one of my favourite dishes in portugal. These peppers are delicious and you can eat then as a starter or order with food.

Best traditional Portuguese food you need to try -

Sea food – shrimps.

There are number of ways you can eat shrimps in Portugal, starting from a very common one – fried shrimps with garlic through more sophisticated but very delicious – fried shrimps wrapped in potato stripes. It’s a very attractive and crispy dish!

Bacalhau – dried and salted cod.

Bacalhau is considered as Portugal’s national dish. This type of fish is very popular in Iberian peninsula and bacalhau has a long history starting in the 16th century when dried and salted cod could be kept in the ships literarly for years. It is one of the major ingrediens in Portuguese cuisine and an alternative for fresh fish, especially at times when fisherman couldn’t go fishing in the open due to a bad weather for instance. Apart from this fact this is also a very tasty and healthy ingredien in Portuguese cuisine.

Peixe Grelhado – grilled fish.

I definitely prefer grilled cod with garlic and baked potatoes. This is generally one of my favourite Portuguese food of all. The below dish is from one of the best seaside restaurants in Ericeira. Along with some delicious tapas /starters/ the whole course is just 20 Euro or so. Typical tapas would be olives – very different taste to which you know from the olive jar 😉 Freshly baked bread with garlic butter, vinho verde – young light green wine, which is produced mainly in north Portugal.

Best traditional Portuguese food you need to try -


Lagostas is also a typical Portuguese food and this is a country where you should taste it. Especially in the northern parts, whole type of luxury sea food is very affordable. For this plate you need to pay 15-20 Euro, depending on a type of sea food and weight – lobster would be around 25-30 euro per dish. This is still not much and for most of the coastal restaurants the sea food is highly fresh.

Best traditional Portuguese food you need to try -

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