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Languages: Spanish

Currencies: EUR · Euro (€)

Capitol: Madrid

Continents: Europe

Borders: France, Morocco, Gibraltar, Portugal, Andorra

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Area: 505,992km2

Population: 47,351,567

Traffic/driving side: right

Landlocked country: No

Independent country: Yes

United Nations member: Yes

IDD Prefix: +34

Timezones: UTC, UTC+01:00

Last updated on April 22, 2024

Great 1-day hiking trails in Spanish Pyrenees.

Pyrenean landscape is magic and unique as majority of the mountains are wild, unexplored and even unattended area. It is very likely you will meet nobody on your hiking trail in Pyrenees. I spend a week trying out different 1-day hiking trails in Spanish Pyrenees and some are challenging but magnificent. 

This was my first experience in Pyrenees and I must say this cardillera is very different to all other European mountains. You will not find hiking maps, majority of the trails remain without any direction signs, so better have online maps and compass in your backpack (the signal is week in many areas, so dowload off-line maps). 

Aragonese Pyrenees - the tallest limestone massif in Europe!

Pyrenees are a natural border spreading between Spain and France for over 450 kilometres. 

Aneto at the altitude of 3404 metres is the highest peak in Pyrenees on the Spanish side in Huesca Province. The mountain landscape of snowy peaks, glacial lakes and deep canyons is wild and breathtaking. 

Best car rental in Spain.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: There are two countries you are allowed to drive to: France and Andora. You need to purchase extra insurance of Euro 20/per each trip (minimum payment is Euro 40). 

Alternatively you can go on a very popular tour from Barcelona across the 3 countries: Spain, Andora and Pyrenees or join a fabulous tours in Pyrenees:

Hiking in Ordesa National Park.

Ordesa National Park is the most visited part of Spanish Pyrenees with Ordesa-Viñamala UNESCO Biosphere reserve and spectacular Mont Perdu (3355m) – the third highest peak of Pyrenees. 

Ordesa beauty is shaped with green valleys, dramatic canyons and vertical rocky mountains. The landscape is unbeatable and the park offers greatest multi and 1-day hiking trails in Spanish Pyrenees. The Park is also the tallest limestone massif in Europe.

There are more than 20 hiking trails and number of rock climbing options in Ordesa National Park. Most interesting trails:

  • Circo Cotatuero
  • Cascadas del Río Cinca

and for more active hikers:

  • Faja Racon (dangerous trail! – check more details below)
  • Monte Perdido glacier

The best base for hiking trails in Spanish Pyrenees.

Staying in one of the charming villages of the Pyrenees’ and/or medieval towns is the only right decission.

1. BROTO – charming small town located in Broto Valley. Broto is a great tourist hub ideal place if you are staying over for few nights and a fantastic gateaway for number of hikes in the area. All accommodation options HERE.

2. TORLA-ORDESA – highly popular mountain town in the heart of the Aragonese Pyrenees. 

3. SALLENT DE GALLEGO – lovely town located on the foot of dramatic mountain range. It’s a perfect gateaway for hiking trails across one of the highest peaks in Pyrenees but also for some skiing adventure. Choose accommodation HERE. 

4. BIELSA – an amazing village with 500 inhabitats surrounded by incredible nature. Check accommodation options HERE.

Hiking Clavijas de Cotatuero (and Circo Cotatuero).

Clavijas de Cotatuero is a fabulous hike, perhaps first half is a bit monotonous but the views from the top are just outrageous!

This trail is closed in winter season – so check accessibility before you go. I was there mid-December 2023 and it was busier than usual and surprisingly all trails were opened!). There are barries on the way to the parking that will go down to close the road completeley for winter season.

Starting point: Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park – Car Parking (it’s a huge car parking – I was shocked seeing couple of hundreds cars as there was almost no traffic on the way). Parking is FREE of charge, restaurants and toilets were closed!

Difficulty level: MODERATE

Hiking time: 2h hiking up, 1.5h going down. 

Highest point: almost 2000 metres. 

This is also a starting point for number of trails:

  • Clavijas de Cotatuero
  • Brecha de Rolando
  • Faja Racon
  • Circo de Carriata
  • Hunters Path
  • Pradera de Ordesa
  • Cascadas del Estrecho – Waterfall

Just at the beginning you can choose from number of trails and pleasurable walks. If you take the Cola de Caballo direction, 200 metres later the route splits between main trail toward Cascado del Estrecho and tiny path toward Circo de Cotatuero. 

NOTE: there is a warning sign regarding Faja Racon trail – which is considered dangerous due to rocks and snow fall. That is very true – in the way up I was constantly hearing rocks falling and smashing over the stony ground. I  also had to watch for the snow pieces falling down from the top of the vertical rock sections that you will be passing by on the way to Circo de Cotatuero. 

You have to estimate yourself if you want to follow this trail depending on the amount of snow remaining in the mountains and potential rock falling danger. There was almost mo snow mid-December 2023 and I have accomplished the trail safely and did not feel it was risky. 

The trail leads through a beautiful, old forest. It will take 1-1.5h before you reach any mountain views, but there is an amazing waterfall on the way, you can walk the white bridge and take stunning photos! Eventually the signs split the road between Faja Racon and Clavijas de Cotatuero. From there it’s only 20 minutes to reach one of the most amazing viewing points I’ve seen – tiny rocky shelfClavijas de Cotatuero (second photo).

There is an exposed section where you need to cross a tiny waterfall, where mountain on your left literally overlaps few hundred metres above your head (the first photo) – watch out here for snow falling from the top!

From this point it is pure rock climbing toward Circo Cotatuero, which is not long but I would advise to make sure you are well prepared to climb steep, tiny rocky sections, without any security. This whole trail is not attended and most loike you will not meet anyone in the area, so don’t count on additional help. The views are unbeatable!

Hiking incredible Barrosa Circus Route.

Barrosa Circus Route (also Camino de Las Pardas) is a fabulous trail for a warm up in Pyrenees. With its spectacular scenery and easy terrain, it’s an ideal destination for less experienced hikers, who wish to feed their eyes with breathtaking mountain picture. 

Getting there: Drive road A-138 toward French border. I though I’ll be leaving my car in Parking Salcorz but there’s no need for that. 100 metres before it there’s a tiny parking space for few cars next to Barrosa Valley road sign. This is also the beginning of your hiking trail. 

STARTING POINT: Barrosa Valley road sign.

Hiking time to the abandoned mountain shelter: 1.5-2h one way. 

Difficulty level: Easy/Moderate at the later stage. 

Shortly you will be leaving Minas de Liena tiny route on your left to continue your hike along the Barrosa Valley. The route leads along beautiful Rio Barrosa with few mountain pools on the way. This few kilometres trail takes you eventually to Refugio de la Barrosa – abandoned mountain shelter, surrounded by massive snowy peaks with Ribinera Peak in front of you rising up at 3000 metres. The shelter is located at the altitude of 1770m. Passing the shelter you’ll be following Camino de las Padras trail to reach Puerto de Barrosa. This section becomes much more challenging, so be prepared for extensive hiking. 

Famous GR-11 Pyrenees Trail.

GR-11 is extremely well known 840 kilometres trail through the most magnificent spots in the mountains of Navarra, Aragon and Catalonia – Southern Pyrenees. The trail unveils a true beauty of the Pyrenees and its diverse landscape. 

Scenic hiking trails through GR-11.

Few more options for one-day hiking trails in Spanish Pyrenees magnificent scenery.


  1. Chisagues – starting point 
  2. Route: Pineta (this is stage 19 of the famous GR-11 trail)
  3. Ticket required to enter the park – you can scan QR code on the road sign.


  1. Starting point: Bielsa small town
  2. Route: Valley de Pineta

Some other hiking trails in Pyrenees.

  • Traverse the Pyrenees to marvel at the picturesque town of Jaca – a gateway to outdoor adventures. 
  • Ordesa National Park – discover the dramatic Monte Perdido mountain. 

Accessibility: Some trails may require advance booking or permits.
Safety Precautions: Carry sufficient water/food/snacks (there is nothing available on the trails), wear appropriate footwear, and pay attention to any trail restrictions. 

  • Pico de Aneto – The highest peak in the Pyrenees mountain range, offers breathtaking views and a challenging mountaineering experience. Hiring a certified guide is recommended.

Safety Precautions: Proper mountaineering equipment, physical fitness, and experience are essential.
Mallos de Riglos impressive rock formations attract many climbers and hikers. 

Difficulty Level: Varies depending on the chosen routes.

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