Trat Province, Thailand

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If you want to cross the land border with Cambodia, you need to reach Trat, located in Trat Province. It’s not that spectacular city but there is still lots of things to do around.

I liked Trat as it’s very real and not spoiled by massive tourism. One of the biggest attractions in the area is Ko Kood Island (Ko Kut) – extremely popular for diving, snorkeling and backpacking. Unfortunately everything was booked when we were trying to find a place to stay overnight.

We rented a motorbike to travel around the city, visited the nearest lake and enjoyed local life scenery. The lake is really pleasant although the level of water was very low at that time. There’s lots of small restaurants where you can taste some local cuisine. A local market in Trat gives the possibility to taste sea food: the crabs and fish are really well prepared, cooked or baked with different flavourings at a very affordable prices. You cannot miss fruits such as rambutan, durian, and pineapple. They taste incredible in Asia.

Where to stay in Trat?

Ban Jaidee guesthouse was an amazing place to stay. I don’t remember many places to stay overnight in Trat. Ban Jaidee with wooden floors, balconies really made the stay. If you want to cross land border with Cambodia Trat is a very good starting point.

Ban Jaidee Guesthouse.

Ban Jaidee

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