In the heart of St Patrick’s Parade!

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While visiting Ireland, founding yourself in the heart of St. Patrics Parade is definitely a must! On St Partick’s Day lots of festivals in different parts of the world are organized to celebrate Irish culture.

March 17 remembers St Patrick who was one of Ireland’s patron saints. It’s a bank holiday in Ireland, which has evolved into a celebration of Irish culture with parades. St Patrick’s Parade starts at 12.01 pm usually from O’Connell Street located in center of Dublin.  It is not just a major national holiday in Ireland, but a national day that is celebrated throughout the world. Theatrical and dancing groups from across the country are invited to participate in the parade. The most common St Patrick’s Day symbol is a shamrock. Although at first drinking alcohol was forbiden during this day, it has transformed over time into a large scale carnival event. Everything is dyed with green colour: food, drinks, people wearing green clothes with an Irish flag painted n their cheeks. The crowd is so big that is actually not possible to walk further between people. All the best spots are taken, hundreds of people are watching the parade from their windows and balconies. After the parade people continue celebrating in local pubs where tons of beer are being drunk, green beer of course!

Below pictures are from 2017. Due to covid19 St. Patrics Parade was cancelled in Dublin in 2020.

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