Visiting Komodo and Rinca is very adventurous. Those two islands are most famous for Komodo Dragons but actually it’s one of the most amazing parts of the world I’ve visited. First of all you need to reach Flores. Here are some tips how todo it.

Labuan Bajo an old harbor is the best place to stay. I met my friend Natalie again, our trails kept separating but I was really happy to find her there. With two other girls we decided to go on a two-day boat trip to Komodo and Rinca. 

The boat trip

The boat trip was so beautiful that we decided to spend more time on water drifting between the savage islands. The boats are quite expensive. It’s typical for Indonesia, basically people won’t do you any favour and won’t help you with transport unless you pay a lot of money. At least that was our experience in 2015. 

The fact is we didn’t choose the easiest directions and it often was very hard to reach those places but sometimes it was even not possible to negotiate the price, as they simply prefered to lay down and do nothing. The most difficult for me was traveling toward volcanoes, first because it’s very hard to get there and the road hauliers often tell you sick prices for the transportation.

Komodo National Park

You must be very careful after leaving the boat as whole Island is inhabited by the Dragons. 🙂 Of course everything is organized by the Rangers and you can feel safe you need to remeber you are on a completely wild area. You can even have two Rangers after paying an entrance fee to the National Park. 

Rangers know very well how to behave and what to do in case of any emergency. Their experience is precious, I’m sure they’ve studied carefully Dragon’s behaviour to reach this level of knowledge. You pick among three tracking routs depending on your wealth and condition (the heat was terrible, it was middle of summer). 

Trekking route

We picked the medium trekking route, it was not too short and not too exhausting (it took us an hour and a half to walk the trail). The Rangers say they cannot guarantee that you’ll meet Komodo dragons but honestly it’s impossible to miss them. The island is inhabitant by couple of thousands of Komodo Dragons. 

There’s one place where Komodo dragons used to be fed in front of enthralled tourist crowds. That’s why they often come close to bungalows, a tourist accommodation located close to the entrance.

Komodo Dragon Tour

The island landscape is incredible – it’s a national park, the natural environment for all the inhabitants there. Climb the hill to admire magnificent views over the nearest islands. Unfortunately we missed the pink beache, which gets it’s the color from the red reef fragments. Good reason to come back. 🙂 

While trekking the island we saw a lot of Komodo dragons. Predator is an amazing creature! It can eat everything, pigs, buffalo and even human (although it haven’t happen for a very long time now). The Rangers will tell you different stories about the dragons. 

Dragon saliva teems with over 50 strains of bacteria, so if the bite is not that heavy the wound is still difficult for recovery and you will probably get blood poisoning effecting your death. The dragon’s toxins lower blood pressure and cause massive bleeding. It used to be said that hunting dragons bite buffalo in the leg. 

Other animals

Then track the animal for days and miles until the buffalo gets too exhausted to move because of the bacteria effection and lays down. But this kind of behavior is not recognized any more. The dragons tackle medium sized mammals like pigs or deer. They die very quickly from blood loss.

We almost bumped into one dragon walking in the middle of the island. I was surprised that it wasn’t aggressive at all. He didn’t even move toward us. Predator is twice faster than a human and much bigger. On the beginning of the track everyone is a little scared but there’s nothing to worry unless you remain careful. 

You will not imagine but afterwards we make few close photos with them while the rangers were standing close in case of any dangerous situation appeared. On a two-day trip you sleep on the boat. We decided to sleep under the sky. 🙂 

Bats island

We stopped near the bats island. Twilight is the time the bats are coming back to the island. They were almost covering the whole sky. The sound of flying bats is incredible. This nature and whole surrounding is just magic. 

On the next day we reached Rinca island. For the rest of the day we were enjoying beautiful water, snorkeling with fishes and mantas. It’s an unforgettable experience! 

One of the best options if you want to explore amazing islands near Flores is hiring a boat for a day trip. Komodo offers amazing snorkeling and diving adventures, and the best option is reaching Kanawa island – true paradise! See photos here.

Watch a movie of huge Komodo dragon moving.


Wooden pier in Komodo island