New Caledonia (New Caledonia)

Languages: French

Currencies: XPF · CFP franc (₣)

Capitol: Nouméa

Continents: Oceania

More useful information

Area: 18,575km2

Population: 271,960

Traffic/driving side: right

Landlocked country: No

Independent country: No

United Nations member: No

IDD Prefix: +687

Timezones: UTC+11:00

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Last updated on April 7, 2024

New Caledonia is still very unknown destination, many people haven’t even heard of it. New Caledonia is French overseas collectivity with significant autonomy. Surprisingly, it is easily reachable from Australia with only 2-3 hours fligh from the east coast.

But lets get to the point – New Caledonia is home to the largest coral reef lagoon in the world! Tropical island hopping in New Caledonia will leave you with unforgettable memories from soft white sand beaches and exceptional Pacific Ocean biodiveristy.

Sounds good for a one weeks tropical holidays? Then jump on a 2 hours flight from Brisbane, or 3 hours from Sydney and deep in the magnificent coral islands. Search for flights in advance for best rates, I booked mines on, along with a bit of flexibility you can view rates for different date slots and choose best deals.

Full travel guide for New Caledonia – home to world’s largest lagoon.

Tropical island hopping in New Caledonia.

If you are looking for a quick gateaway to a true tropical paradise, there’s no better direction than New Caldonia Pacific Islands. With a little bit of planning and booking flights in advance, you can spend dream holidays in one of the most beautiful coral islands. 

Island hopping in New Caledonia is a must – t’s an exotic paradise in every aspect. There are several islands around New Caledonia, with the finest and most luxuriest Isle of Pines, but there’s plenty of tropical islands to choose from for a half-day or one-day tour, which will cost you $50-$100-$150 USD/depending on a plan and attractions included.

Or you can simply grab a water taxi to spend few hours on desirable island.

Full travel guide for New Caledonia – home to world’s largest lagoon.

Tropical paradise islands near Australia.

Sounds good for a long weekend or one weeks tropical holidays? Then jump on a 2 hours flight from Brisbane, or 3 hours from Sydney and deep in the magnificent coral islands of the Pacific Ocean.

Search for flights in advance for best rates, I booked mines on, if you are a bit flexible with your dates you can view rates for different date slots, and choose best deals.

Island hopping - deep in Pacific paradise.

In the Noumea Port in the morning hours you will find plenty of white tents with Tour Operators, offering cruises, island hopping and water adventures. There are different tour options across most of the islands, including Golf experience with French golf masters. 

There are 4 spectacular golf courses on the island with Exclusiv Deva Golf Course in Bourail.

There is also a Tourist Information Centre in case you want to review all tours available across the country.

Visit Isle of Pines the Pacific paradise.

Isle of Pines is one of the most popular island destination in New Caledonia with quite a lot to explore, easily reachable with 30 minutes flight from Noumea.

Take a dip in the natural pool of Oro Bay, shallow turquoise waters makes it exceptional spot for snorkeling and diving. It’s a true ocean paradise with turtles, manta rays, pipe fishes just few metres from the shore.

You’ll be also able to do some hiking to the top of N’ga Peak for breathtaking views. There are few luxury resorts on the island and sea food is top class, this is place to try the local delicacy – famous Isle of Pines lobster.

Tropical Island hooping in New Caledonia – Pacific paradise only 2 hours flight from Australia.

How to get to the Isle of Pines?

There are two ways to get to the island – by ferry and plane. I would suggest to check prices well in advance, as it often happens flights are almost at the same price as ferry.

FERRY: ONE DAY ROUND TRIP IS POSSIBLE IN HIGH SEASON ONLY. It’s a two and a half hour ferry ride from Noumea. However check ferry schedules in the port, as they are season dependednt. In March there was only one ferry per week to Isle of Pines. In peak season there’s a ferry every day: departing early in the morning at 7am and return ferry to Noumea at 5pm.

PLANE: 30-minutes direct flights are available from Noumea on

Dream resorts on Isle of Pines.

Lots of people would be taking one-day round trip to Isle of Pines, as there are limited accommodation options on the island. There are few guesthouses near Kuto Bay, however if you feel like you need to treat yourself with a bit of luxury, there are two heaven options to consider:

OURE Lodge Beach Resort – even with free use of kayaks and snorkeling gear. 

Le MERIDIEN Ile des Pins – 5* – with direct beach access, a swimming pool and spa.

Amedee Island - the lighthouse.

Generally Amedee island is the best option /equally with Isle of Pines/ for snorkeling adventure. Crystal-clear waters and exceptional coral reef  make it the greatest destination for island hopping in New Caledonia. This Amedee Lighthouse Tour tour will take you on a full-day snorkeling experience with hotel pick up and drop off. Unless you prefer exceptional Private Amedee Island and Outer Reef Tour.

Amédée Island is a small coral atoll situated about 24 kilometers off the coast of Nouméa, speed boat ride takes about 45 minutes. The boats are good standard and the captains really know how to operate them in the open ocean. 

Escape to tropical paradise of New Caledonia – What to do in Amedee Island, the snake island.

What to know before going to Amedee island.

  1. There is NO accommodation on the island.
  2. There is one bar, which closes at 1pm in low season. 
  3. Take food, snacks, plenty of water, sun cream (even in cloudy weather!), sun glasses, snorkeling gear and water shoes.
  4. Bring your snorkeling gear – there is no place to rent it on the island. 
  5. The island is a protected area, follow only designated walking paths. 
  6. Watch out for sea snakes ;))) they are all over the island!
  7. Visit the Lighthouse /there’s a small entry fee.

Singal island in New Caldonia.

Signal Island is a quiter alternative to other island. If you are looking for affordable snorkeling experience go with (similar price as in the harbour): Water Taxi Signal Island Turtle Tour (~55USD).

If you prefer Private Turtle Tour in Signal Island you may choose this 4 hour adventure.

Where to stay in Noumea?

BUDGET-FRIENDLY: Auberge Jeunesse Noumea – backpackers hostel I stayed few nights there – fabulous with great location and price for only ~ 22-30 USD/per night, with private rooms available.

Nouvata – great hotel option for reasonable price.

MID-RANGE: definitely 4.5 stars Hilton Noumea La Promenade Residences for luxurious and tranquil experience.

EXOTIC: If you want to treat yourself with luxury choose DoubleTree by Hilton Noumea Ilot Maitre Resort – the place is exceptional.

Or have a look at some other accommodation options on

Discover South Pacific Loyalty Islands.

New Caldonia Loyalty Islands are six inhabited islands including Lifou, Maré, Tiga, Ouvéa, Mouli, and Faiava. They got their names from British trading ships crews, who first encountered these island.

Lifou Island.

Lifou Island is the largest of the Loyalty Islands. Here you’ll be able not only explore coral reefs with colorful fish and sea turtles in Jinek Bay but also stunning Jokin Cliffs and caves. 

Ouvéa Island tropical paradise.

This island is known for its long stretches of white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Take a walk along Mouli Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and go scuba diving at the Ouvéa Atoll and discover the diverse marine life.

See my Travel Guide for New Caledonia and explore the whole island in a best possible way – including detailed transport and airport transfers information.

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