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Warsaw top things to see in the capital of Poland.

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A lot of people still associate Warsaw with an eastern scenery and they are amazed with its look while visiting the capital and cities like Krakow, Gdansk, Wroclaw. Kazimierz. Over the last 20 years Warsaw has becoming more and more modern, fast-paced metropolitan city. It is hard to believe how powerful this capital has become, after being completely torn down during II World War. It has remained in a deep communism for 54 years /1945–1989/ just as the rest of the country, slowly moved into a democracy system only from 1990. It now presents the power of Polish solidarity and diligence. I was born and raised in one of the most developed parts of Warsaw city – Wilanow. That’s why you’ll probably find in this post more alternative places worth visiting to those which are widely described on internet. Take a walk along my top things to see in Warsaw city 😉

Warsaw by night!

Forst of all – Warsaw by night is beautiful! Most of the major spots look are lighted up and look much more spctacular by night. Most of the bridges on Vistula River are illuminated at night.

Top things to see in Warsaw – capital of Poland!

Palace of Culture and Science.

This building has to come first on your list for few reasons! It is one the greatest attractions of the city due to its controversial history and untypical architecture. It’s a fantastic place for visitors with lots of festivals, magnificent Congress Hall, museum, cinema and viewing point on the top. It is located in the city centre just next to the Central Train Station and Golden Terraces – famous shopping centre. With a total height of 237 metres it is the tallest building in Poland. The building was originally known as the Joseph Stalin’s Palace of Culture and Science. There are 8 exactly same buildings in Russia. it was designed by a Russian architect in 1955 and is considered as a Russian gift for Poland. This fact recently caused lots of issues, as some mases wanted to take it down due to its origin and live symbol of Soviet influence over Polish country. But for the last 70 years the building became an integral part of the city, the real centre of culture and science and now remains mostly a capital treasure rather than a communistic gift.

Palace of Culture and Science -

Praga disctrict – one of the oldest parts of the city.

Praga – one of the oldest parts of the city was always considered as a district on the wrong side of the tracks. It used to be home for working class people with very low-standard flats. Only few years back it was still extremely dangerous neighbourhood even for Warsaw inhabitants. Everyone stayed away from streets like Stalowa – if you found yourself there after 9pm – God help you! Rozyckiego Market was a place where you could buy literally everything!! Including guns, fake documents, stolen household goods, wild animals..

Over last few years old Praga district was renovated and slowly became a modern district with stylish old buildings with highly priced apartments. Now places like Soho Factory and Old Vodka factory – Koneser, which was recently rebuilt, remain one of the most modern places in Warsaw, visited aby everyone even from the other side of the river.

National Stadium in Warsaw.

Fantastic building with lots to offer for visitors. There are constantly organized different attractions for visitors so always check on the website what’s in the current set up. Last time we had line zipping which took you on a ride through the whole stadium just below the roof! That was something! Another time we had ice skating or boat sailing – YES inside the stadium on the football pitch! How about that! Anything is possible with a good governing team. - National Stadium in Warsaw

Wilanow Royal Palace.

It’s a wonderful baroque yellow Royal residence, which you absolutely have to visit while in Warsaw. This royal palace is located in the Wilanow district of Warsaw – only 10 km south of the city centre. It’s easy accessible by bus from any point in Warsaw. This magnificent heritage has survived both World Wars. The Wilanow Palace was used as a summer residence in the 17th century by King Jan III Sobieski, who’s museum is inside the palace. The entry ticket is about €5. This spot is definitely worth visiting during the day but also during Christmas time when the lights illumination is set up in the gardens. The Palace becomes a magic land! Christmas lights usually last from December till February and I wouldn’t recommend going there in a busy Christmas time, as the queues are enormous! Tickets – 4 Euro/adults are available:

  • on-line – much more comfortable and you’ll avoid long queues
  • in the ticket machines which are located just before the palace gate

Interested to read more about 10 most beautiful castles in Europe move HERE.

Warsaw Old Town.

Don’t stop only at the Old Town Square with the Sigismund’s Column and Royal Castle. Take a walk along the tiny coble stone streets and discover more of the place atmosphere. The Castle square is often very busy with a lot of people, move to an indoor old town square with lots of restaurants and bars and have traditional Polish dish with vodka shot! 😉 and further to walk little streets, the old town isn’t big, as almost fully destroyed during second World War. The Old Town Market Square dates back to the 13th century.

Marshall Józef Piłsudski’s Municipal Stadium of Legia Warsaw.

Legia is a leading capital football team with this amazing new venue at Lazienkowska Street. This is home for thousands of football fans who support our club for decades. It was completely reconstructed in 2008 and now it is one of the greatest high-standard football venues in Poland with space for 32 000 attendees. The stadium, which for decades belonged to the Polish Army is currently governed by the City of Warsaw.

Legia Stadium

Nowy Swiat Street.

This is probably one of the finest and most expensive streets in Warsaw leading to Krakowskie Przedmiescie Street in the Old Town. Nowy Swiat is a hub for small restaurants and bars and it’s very busy on weekends. Chmielna and Widok are two streets worth walking in the neighbourhood.

Vistula River.

Walking district along Vistula River with many fantastic bars and restaurants, places with music and lots of other attractions, including dancing on the street. Another very interesting place along the river is Zawady section, with a beautiful sandy beach and lovely landscape. Not many people are familiar with this place, as it is located a little outside the city and you will need a car to get there. But once you are here you can take a lovely walk through the forest to discover the beach and a nudist part of it 😉

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