Ueno Park, the oldest zoo in Tokyo.

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Ueno Park is a delightful place covering vast area in Tokyo. Although I usually don’t like places where animals are captured in cages, I decided to visit Ueno Zoo.

Ueno Zoo in Tokyo.

Generally the animals have a lot of space, as the whole area of the Zoo is extremely large. The environment is very similar to a natural one where the animals live. Although the elephants looked very sad. Ueno Zoo is the oldest Japanese zoo. Tokyo Zoo is home to 2600 animals of around 500 different species. Some of them are really amazing and rare to meet in natural environment. If you plan to visit Ueno zoo remember it’s very big and you will need a lot of time to walk it all. The zoo has also other attractions like historical spots. There is the five-storied pagoda of the old Kan’ei-ji Temple, which was rebuilt in 1639. Near Ueno Zoo there is Ueno-onshi-koen Park, which is amazing place to visit during all four seasons.

Another place you need to visit is Miji Jingu: https://freestyletraveling.com/meiji-jingu-tokyo/

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