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Okinawa is a Japanese island in the East China Sea. Okinawa’s islands stretch more than 1,000 kilometers from northeast to southwest. The islands are best known for its history, Okinawa churaumi aquarium, undenyable beauty, sea reefs and incredible nature and of course the second largest aquarium in the world is located in the north-west part of main Okinawa island in the National Government Park (Ocean Expo Park).

How to get to the island?

While you can still sail the ocean, the easiest, fastest and most convenient way to get there is to take a flight, mine was from Tokyo and booked well in advance still cost me around 350 Euro.

Explore Okinawa Island

Just like thre whole Japan, Okinawa is very foreign friendly. Naha is the capital city of Okinawa, where the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is located. The fact that the island was under American administration until 1972 has huge consequences. 

Almost everything feels American style – shops, restaurants, the village hosts part of a U.S. military base (don’t be surprised with F16 fighter jets cutting the sky above your head).

Beaches and costline around the island is magnificent. Lagoon beaches are located only a short walk from the aquarium. Enjoy walking while feeling the nature of Okinawa and the cobalt blue sea and the islands.

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium whale sharks!

The aquarium is devoted to preservation of countless species, including one of the largest species of manta rays in the world – the whale shark. It is the experience the visitors will never forget, regardless the age. 🙂 

Walking through long glass tunnels under the water it feels so close and surreal being surrounded by all these sea creatures, huge smiling mantas, coral reef exhibit. Underwater tunnels allow to look in the eyes all these animals from a very close perspective.

No doubt the main atraction remain whale sharks – you can watch these predators as they make their way around the tank, occasionally catch a feeding session or dive with them – yes that’s possible! I could not belive how small a human ebing is compering to these guants. 

Entry fee to the aquarium is 15$ adult ticket. Check opening times – they differed during COVID-19 times.

How to get to the Okinawa churaumi aquarium?

To get to the aquarium it is very convenient to travel by bus. Going to Hub Park: you need to take bus no 83 from Naha Bus Terminal (Centre) and stop at Gyokusendo-mae. It takes about 60 minutes from Naha and costs 580Y.

Ray in aquarium
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