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Hiking adventure to unspoiled Wadi Tiwi.

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How to get to Wadi Tiwi?

Wadi Tiwi is a good challenge for your driving skills. You definitely need a 4×4 car to drive a distance of 5 km from the main road to get to beginning of hiking trail to Wadi Tiwi. Although this place is worth every effort. It is something that has not been discovered by tourists, it’s an unspoiled piece of incredible nature.

The road takes you through two small villages. The car hardly fits the narrow road, other cars constantly beep to warn each other and the pedestrains they are coming. In Oman most of the cars are 4×4, it’s mostly toyota land cruiser or nissan pathfinder. Most of the cars are white, obviously because of the sun. And one thing that captured my attention was that all the cars are all extremely clean, I really don’t know now they do it. 

As mentioned before Oman is the safest country I travelled to. There is almost zero risk of any danger, specifically toward visitors. You may trek in the middle of nowhere and nothing will happen to you, what’s more they would offer you help the moment they see you.

Hiking trail to Wadi Tiwi.

On the begining of the hiking trail to Wadi Tiwi there is a huge sign with trekking information. There is an information on another track as well, which takes you to Wani Bani Khalid, it’s 28 km away and the sign says the route takes around 14 hours. Although I heard the track leads through the narrow path on the top of the mountain and it’s really hard to walk. I took a hiking trail to Wadi Tiwi, that goes along the green water stream running through the canion. The path led me to an amazing village Miban. The village is situated in the middle of rocky mountains and from looking at the village from a further perspective it looks like sinking in plam trees. I remember seing this village on the cover of some guidebooks.

Wadi Tiwi waterfall adventure.

This is why I love freestyletraveling. You never know where you’re gonna end up while leaving your room. This was a beautiful and unexpected adventure, as there was literraly nobody on the trail. Surprisingly after 2.5 hours walk I met a local guide with a French couple. They offered me to join them to trek to a misterious waterfall. The path was full of lush plantations and it took us to the bottom of the canion. We had to walk down through a really steep rocks to get to the waterfall. But the nature, that was something unbelievably stunning! I could barely believe the view of this cristal clear green river falling into small pools. The trail to the waterfall is not maintained and not sure if it’s possible to find it alone. Maybe with google maps yes, although they way down may be a bit scary. We spend 1,5 hours there, swimming and taking a walk down the river to find caves. On the way back  the guide took us to the Miban village. This all was unreal. Those villages bulit from a sand, with few houses in the middle of nowhere of Omani canions, sourrounded by high moutains,  temperature reaching 45 degrees or even more. Some old men offered us sour delicious fruits from his trees, sour but tasty. I decide to walk back on foot although French couple turned out to be a lovely couple and they offered to give me a ride. On the end of the track, I was a little in hurry as my friend Lya was waiting for me to get back home. Suddenly, a black land cruiser came out of nowhere, stoped just next to me and two Oman men asked me if I need help or a lift? I get in and they took me about 500 hundreds meters further, where I meet my friend. People in Oman are amazingly friendly, they often offer a help, or their phone number in case you need help. Typical Oman people do not expect anything back. We said goodbye to the two nice folks and hit the white sandy beach for a sunset.. 😉


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