Croatia (Republic of Croatia)

Languages: Croatian

Currencies: HRK · Croatian kuna (kn)

Capitol: Zagreb

Continents: Europe

Borders: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro, Hungary

More useful information

Area: 56,594km2

Population: 4,047,200

Traffic/driving side: right

Landlocked country: No

Independent country: Yes

United Nations member: Yes

IDD Prefix: +385

Timezones: UTC+01:00

Last updated on July 16, 2023

I travelled before across Croatia and its amazing coastline but never got to reach Dubrovnik. Maybe because the 12 miles strip of Bosnia and Herzegovina cuts of Dubrovnik from the rest of the country, leaving the southern piece of the land separated. Dubrovnik is a city of worship, walls and endless stairs. City walls are even from the 12th century. Dubrovnik was a capital of the Republic of Ragusa in the middle ages. I knew I wanted to book a place with panoramic view of historic city walls and seafront location of the Dalmatian Coast. It’s breathtaking at night!

Dubrovnik landmarks

There’s plenty of things that will catch your interest and fill your day, and most of them are located in heart of Dubrovnik old town. But what’s more important it’s a nice and visitor-friendly city with great residents. 

Old town is a labirynt of tiny cobblestone streets, the more you walk the more you get to discover… There’s plenty of highlights! Worth checking every passing, as that may lead you to one of the cafes build on a steep rock with the sea landscape spreading around. Trust me you can spend half day sitting there enjoying the views and privacy. Apart the historic sights there are stunning beaches, old town and nice port with tiny restaurants, where you can spend your afternoon chillin’.

What is worth seeing in Dubrovnik?

First thing you should do is buy Dubrovnik 1, 3 or 7 day Card for guests and visitors. It gives you a free entrance to best city attractions: Dubrovnik City Walls, number of museums and galleries, including a bus card valid throughout the city of Dubrovnik. I got a 3 day card, so it gives you enough time to visit all the places and museums included in this offer. 

Secondly Dubrovnik Card is available for purchase in Toursit office located near old town after crossing Dubrovnik’s famous Pile Gate. Don’t forget to take city maps and folders from the tourist office. It will give an insight which spots you like to visit, as I’m sure you won’t be visiting all of them. 

What I consider as greatest is definitely City Walls Tour. It may take up to an hour or two and make sure to take water and sun pritection. This tour may be really hot in summer, because you are exposed to the sun for the most of the time.

Dubrovnik port. This is a place where you’ll find plenty of boat trip offers to Locrum island and city coast tour. This is most popular and costs 20 Euro/per person. It’s a very relaxing and pleasant trip offering scenic views of the coastline. The boats usually have a glass bottom so tourists can admire diversity of sea life and pure water.

Prices in Dubrovnik and where to eat?

One thing you may not like about this place is damn.. that city is seriously overpriced!! I remember traveling across other parts of the country and the prices amazed me. It was hard to believe how cheap it was back in 2010. So I guess Dubrovnik was always way more expensive than other cities but sometimes the product is simply not worth the price. 

Still best exmple is Michelin star restaurant in main area of the old town. Biggest surprise was port restaurant which turned to be the cheapest. The food was really nice! Beside, there’s plenty of shops where you can get something for your breakfast. And there’s one thing you can’t miss – local liqueurs (especially Rogac)!

Best historic landmarks in Dubrovnik Old Town

  • The Franciscan Church and Monastery – this large monastery complex is situated at the very beginning of Placa, to the left of the inner Pile Gate, next to the Holy Savior Church
  • Dubrovnik as Placa, is one of the most popular pedestrian paths in the middle of the Old Town. You might want to gather in the evening to watch nightlife
  • Lots of people might like: Game of Thrones Tour
  • City Walls Tour
  • Art Gallery
  • Cable car which offers panoramic view of the city
  • The Large Fountain of Onofrio and St. Saviour Church
In case you get bored with historical spots, there’s plenty of stunning beaches to enjoy, just in the middle of the city. Some guides say Dubrovnik is famous for the most spectacular city beach in Europe.

One-day trip to Cavtat from Dubrovnik

Cavtat is a lovely small harbour town located 20 km south from Dubrovnik. The road to Cavtat leads along beautiful coastline. Cavtat is a quiet sailing town wich lots of great restaurants. This is a perfect destination to spend a day outside Dubrovnik. You can take a loop walk in small peninsula located in the north part of the town, which will amaze you with scenic costline views and sea lagoons.

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