Puntarenas, Gulf of Nicoya

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Puntarenas is a narrow peninsula in the Gulf of Nicoya on the Central Pacific Coast.

The seaside resort of Puntarenas.

I must say I was very curious about Puntarenas and very disappointed when I got there. The only thing I liked in this penisula is beautiful view of the nearest islands. Basicly it’s a place of expensive seaside resort full of hotels and souvenir shops. It’s absolutely not my style! We paid 20$ for the most terrible room I have ever seen during traveling! It was even funny – but I don’t think it would be possible to fall asleep sober 🙂 We had to pass a flat with few rooms and a small kitchen to get on the back of the house with our room. The walls were made from cardboard so you could hear every sound coming from the house. The most fanny moment was half of the people in the house started watching TV and the other half was snoring. Instead of the lock in the door there was a heavy chain. What is typical in Costa Rica there are almost 100 TV channels in every house, even when our TV was manufactured last century 🙂

The beach of Puntarenas is quite long and wide with dark sand. The port town of Puntarenas was one of the most important cargo ports. Now is remains an important port for cruise ships and important fishing port as well. It’s nice to take a boat trip from the beach for dolphins watching. It costs only 4 $ and it’s an opportunity to see beautiful dolphins in the gulf. Don’t miss the pelicans!

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