Amazing Bali island, Indonesia.

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Bali, probably the most famous part of Indonesia. Everyone knows it from its stunning beaches and luxury resorts. But in fact it’s way more than that.

During my trip along the island I wasn’t looking for white sandy paradise beaches. You can find it in so many destinations while traveling across Asia. We came to Bali directly from Ijen crater in Java. There are regular ferries from Java to Bali (Pelabuhan Gilimanuk Ferry Port). Kuta – the south of the island is the most expensive region. The south west part of Bali is called North Kuta (near Denpasar) and is famous for wide beaches for surfers. Beside the incredible amount of tourists it’s worth visiting this region. It offers a very nice atmosphere and great nightlife.

Accommodation in Bali.

There are hundreds of accommodations in North Kuta, starting from 5$ per night. It’s a busy area with lots of small bars, pubs and discos. You don’t need to book anything in advance, we found rooms in 3 minutes. Thousands of foreign tourist working and living there for years. Surfing is unforgettable. I tried it for the first time in Bali. The lesson costs around 15 $.
Bali, an exciting island, where every house is a temple. Where the holy flowers lie everywhere on the pavement. Along the island you can find beautiful rice terraces and extremely nice people. There’s plenty of thing to see – famous Ubud town or Batur volcano. The food is delicious!












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