Koh Rong island, Cambodia

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I’ve been told various stories about two Cambodian islands – Koh Rong and Koh Rong Sanloem. It’s very easy to get there by one of the slow or fast boats from the shore of touristic Sihanoukville city.

I was wondering whether to go to Koh Rong, which supposed to be loud party island, or to hit the smaller and quiet Koh Rong Sanloem. I chose Koh Rong because of the diving center and I must say not even once I was disturbed by too noisy party sound. What’s more I was welcomed by an amazing atmosphere ..  and of course incredible diving underworld. On the evening you can chill out in one of the cosy restaurants, pubs and enjoy fresh grilled fish. The island is full of tourists but it’s now overcrowded.

Diving in Koh Rong.

If you wanna start your diving adventure here is the place, it’s much cheaper than in Thailand. I paid 400$ for a 3 day Padi course. The teacher was Italian but she did a great job. Although I felt seasick I manage to finish the course! I got sick on a boat but when you’re in the water you start feeling ok. Don’t you worry – it’s doable. It’s a great adventure but I must say it’s also tough.

Diving course – how does it look?

First day is a theory, you are spending a day in front of a tv watching all the instructions, the tutor and doing tests. If you pass it’s your gate for first diving. We had 3 dives a day. I advice everyone to listen carefully what a teacher has to say. There are no words under water. The boat took as on the other side of the island, which is more quiet. At the end of the third day you need to pass a final test. Snorkeling is also great in Koh Rong!

Accommodation and the island.

Accommodation on the island is not expensive (I think I paid around 5 $ per night), there are a lots of simple guesthouses and you don’t need to book it in advance (at least not in January). One of the best things I did was jungle trekking through the island. It takes about an hour to reach paradise beach called Long Beach. You don’t need any guide but it might need a little climbing. When you reach the beach is almost empty with only few bungalows sprinkled along the coast.

If you’re looking for some temporary work you can easily get it on Koh Rong and Sihanoukville, they are constantly looking for bar stuff. Maybe you not gonna get paid but accommodation and food will be provided. Same opportunities as in Bali. It’s kind of popular way of employing foreigners. Koh Rong island is rather cheap and it’s a really nice place to chill out and join few full moon parties! 😉

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