Oman (Sultanate of Oman)

Languages: Arabic

Currencies: OMR · Omani rial (ر.ع.)

Capitol: Muscat

Continents: Asia

Borders: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Yemen

More useful information

Area: 309,500km2

Population: 5,106,622

Traffic/driving side: right

Landlocked country: No

Independent country: Yes

United Nations member: Yes

IDD Prefix: +968

Timezones: UTC+04:00

Last updated on January 6, 2024

10 most incredible places to visit in Oman.

Oman remains one of my favourite destinations, where you can experience traditional Arabia, natural wonders (canyons, deserts, mountains) and remarkable pieces of traditional art. I traveled the whole country with unpopular transportation including: hitchhiking, shared taxis (very cheap local taxis), public buses and private transportation in cases when nothing else was accessible. I gathered of 10 most incredible places to visit in Oman for adventurous travel itinerary – some are sursprising, some unique, other unforgettable. Oman boasts diverse and breathtaking natural landscapes! 😉

Valleys and deserts cover 82 % of the country territory!

Oman, officially known as the Sultanate of Oman, is a country located on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia. It is bordered by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to the northwest, Saudi Arabia to the west, and Yemen to the southwest.


CURRENCY: Omani Rial (1 OMR = 2.6 $ (2024)), for currency exchange visit banks.

LANGUAGE: official language in Oman is Arabic, but most people speak English (or basic English) and you should have no problems in communicating.

SAFETY: Oman is one of the safest countries in the world, it’s a very safe destination for female solo traveling. 

PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Mainly buses, tickets can be purchased in local offices, bus schedules visit official website of Oman National Transport Company “MWASALAT”.

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Oman uniqueness - country like no other.

Oman is known for its political stability and peaceful nature. The country has been ruled by the Al Said family since the mid-18th century, and Oman has experienced relatively smooth transitions of power. It is also one of the safest countries in the world.

Since Oman has become of the most popular travel destination in Asia, tourist infrastructure has developed massively. You can browse from thousands of accommodation options based on different standards. 

Visit Sultan Grand Mosque in Muscat.

You will probably land in Muscat, which will allow some time to discover two magnificent mosques:

  • Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
  • Al Ameen Mosque

Muscat offers a blend of modernity and traditional charm. You may also visit the Royal Opera House and the Mutrah Souq. If you are going to see Al Ameen Mosque it looks magnificent at nightime.

Watch red desert sunset in Night Desert Camps & Resorts.

Spending a night in one of the desert camps is a must-do. Wahiba Sands is absolutely one of the most stunning places to visit in Oman. Watch incredible red desert sunset, sleep under million of stars, visit original Bedouin settlements, meet camels and go on a Safari Desert Tour! All these attractions are widely available.

Wahiba Sands, also known as Sharqiya Sands or Ramlat al Wahiba is a vast desert located in the eastern region of Oman. It stretches across an area of approximately 12,500 square kilometers.

The landscape of Wahiba Sands is dominated by endless sand dunes that create a mesmerizing and dramatic scene. The golden sand dunes reach heights of up to 100 metres. The dunes showcase varying shapes and sizes, sculpted by wind patterns and constantly changing with the shifting sands.

Get all information on: Wahiba Sands red desrt experience in Oman. 

There are number of ways to get to Wahiba Sands red desert and Night Camps:

  • Hire a 4WD car to get to you Night Desert Camp (it is not that difficult to drive through the desert and once you know the camp location you will be able to reach it).
  • Choose a Night Desert Camp with a pick-up service.
  • Book an organized tour – which has become extremely popular and affordable in last few years.

Most popular tours to Wahiba Sands:

Best rated Night Desert Camps & Resorts.

There are many desert camps in Wahiba Sands, some are extremely expensive reaching 450 Euro/per night. But there’s plenty magnificent places with great atmosphere to spend your desert night experience. I can highly recommend the following top rated camps for best location & facilities:

Visit Friday's Nizwa Goat Market & Nizwa Fort.

The Nizwa Goat Market, also known as Souq Nizwa, is a famous traditional livestock market located in the city of Nizwa in the Sultanate of Oman. It is organized only on Fridays from 7am and it was one of the most magnificent scenes I could witness in Asia.

The Nizwa Goat Market has a long history that dates back several centuries. It has served as a crucial trading hub for livestock, particularly goats, for generations. The market takes place in a large open area surrounded by old buildings and forts, giving it a distinct traditional charm. It reflects the Omani cultural heritage and offers visitors a glimpse into traditional trading practices.

How to get to Nizwa from Muscat to visit Nizwa Goat Market unique culture event in Oman.

The main focus of the market is the buying and selling of goats, with sellers and buyers gathering from different regions of Oman. Hundreds of goats of various breeds and sizes are brought to the market each week, creating a bustling atmosphere.

Nizwa Souq & Fort.

Nizwa Goat market is located in the city centre near Nizwa Fort. There is a huge parking place in front of the Souq gate.

Once you visit the souq you can redirect to Nizwa Fort, rebuild in 17th century. It is now a castle, fort and a museum in one. It’s accessible for a small entry fee of 5 OMR. 

Check my post on How to get to Nizwa Goat Market from Muscat.

Sur coastal city and boat building industry.

Sur is a beautiful coastal town, known for its traditional boat building industry. I wasn’t planning to spend so many days in Sur but it absolutely charmed by its landscape and people’s friendliness. There are plenty of things to do in Sur:

  • Take an amazing boat tour through the harbour, lagoon and city murals
  • Explore the Sur Maritime Museum 
  • Witness boat building industry
  • Visit amazing cliffs. 

Check best things to do in Sur | Tripadvisor.

Day Tour to Omani Canyons - Wadi Bani Khalid.

Wadi (Valleys) are among most incredible places to visit in Oman. Canyons walks, the crystal-clear water and the tranquil ambiance of the wadi make it a perfect spot for relaxation and rejuvenation.

There are few Wadis you need to visit:

  • Wadi Bani Khalid
  • Wadi Shab (and a secret cave – best kept secret in Oman)
  • Wadi Tiwi
  • Jebel Shams: Known as the “Grand Canyon of Oman”

Wadi Bani Khalid is one of the most visited canyons in Oman. It is located approximately 200 kilometers from Muscat, the capital city. It is a picturesque wadi (valley) situated in the Eastern Hajar Mountains.

Wadi Bani Khalid is a long canyon filled with clear turquoise pools of water, surrounded by large rock formations and lush green palm trees. The wadi is accessible via a wellaintained road, making it easily reachable for visitors.

One of the main attractions of Wadi Bani Khalid is its natural swimming pools. These pools are fed by natural springs, creating cool and refreshing places to take a dip, especially during the hot summer months. It’s ok to wear swimming suit in the canyon. 

The secret cave - Wadi Shab treasure.

10 most incredible places to visit in Oman

Wadi Shab was my favourite canyon and hike. There’s one thing than makes this canyon special – the secret cave, located at the end of Wadi Shab. The only way to find and explore the place is taking a long canyoning hike, leading via crystal water pools surrounded by sandy rocks.

Aside from swimming, Wadi Shab offers fantastic hiking opportunities and exploring its natural surroundings. There are various trekking routes that visitors can take to discover the wadi’s hidden beauty. 

Hiking Wadi Shab is a fantastic adventure for those who love outdoor activities!

Go for Salalah Mountain Safari!

Salalah is located in the western part of Oman and is best known for its lush greenery and magnificent beaches. It’s a no 1 destination for those who are looking purely for beach holidays. But there are many more things to explore in the area:

  • Al Mughsail Beach,
  • Visit the ancient ruins of Sumhuram,
  • Explore Wadi Darbat,
  • Go for Salalah Mountain or DesertSafari.

Visit Ras Al Jinz - the nesting site for green turtles.

10 most incredible places to visit in Oman

Oman gives you an opportunity to witness turtles nesting spectacle. Ras Al Jinz in Sur is one of the best places to visit in Oman for this adventurous experience. The best time to visit visit turtles is between April and August. Green turtles nest acros 275 beaches in Omani coastline  20,000, making Oman a significant place for green turtles protection. 

Visit Dabab Sinkhole mysteries place!

Hawiyat Najm, know as Dabab Sinkhole, located in Dabab village 113 kilometres from Muscat. There are various stories about Dabab Sinkhole origin, local ingabitants have a legendary story where by a meteorite fell in this location. The Arabic name Hawiyat Najm refers to ‘the Falling Star’. 

It is definitely the most unique place to visit in Oman – the stairs will take you down to take a swim in the green water of the hole. 

10 most incredible places to visit in Oman
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