Wadi Shab

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Wadi Shab offers you a lot adventures – swimming, hiking and cliff jumping in an absolutely amazing cave! But it is not that easy to get there as we heard. It’s easily accessible by any car as you just need to park it and take a boat first. That’s why you can get there by any transport.

Traveling in Oman/hitchhiking – YES! it’s possible. If not a car taking you anywhere you can stop shared taxi – it’s a normal taxi but usually taking maximum passengers. During the trip some are getting out and the other are getting in. Just agree the price before you begin the trip. Usually I spend around 3 Rial for 100-150 km. But for Wadi can be a little more as the driver sometimes need 4×4 car and it’s not easy to drive. Regular trip from Sur to Wadi Shab or Wadi Tiwi cost 45-50 Rial (for a car). So if you find other passengers it’s quite cheap.

To see amazing Wadi Tiwi visit: https://freestyletraveling.com/wadi-tiwi/

The cave in Wadi Shab – possible to reach, it’s in the end of the wadi. But you need to swim and at the end you need to swim through a very narrow exit to get to the cave. There is no place to rest but getting into that cave must be your goal! This is one of the places to visit in this world. Sometimes the water level is so high that getting inside the cave is impossible. During summer the water allows you to enter the cave. The rocks can be slippery. Inside the cave there’s a huge waterfall and ropes. It’s possible to climb them and jump into a deep water.


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