Naha, Okinawa island

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I was flying from Narita (Japan) to Naha (Okinawa). In Narita airport a TV crew asked me for a short interview 😉 Did you know the most popular TV show in Japan “Why did you come to Japan??” crazy!! – you must see it on YouTube. While walking toward the gate someone ran after me shouting that something has dropped from my pocket. This was just a small piece of paper but this is exactly how Japanese people are – friendly and honest, hardly to find anywhere else in the world. In the train the conductor entering the carriage, firstly stands straight and then gently bows before entering the carriage.

The Naha airport is small but very beautiful and full of orchids. Okinawa is very American style. It surprised me very much when I was walking through the city trying to find my hotel, or rather disappointed by it’s architecture. It has nothing to do with the other Japanese islands. Finding the hotel was really difficult although I had a city map from the airport and detailed google map. It was raining, November is quite cold so after an hour walking a felt chilly. It was almost 8 pm so I started asking people about the hotel – almost nobody speaks English and nobody new the address 😉 I asked a girl in the car and again I immediately experienced Japanese kindness. She wasn’t speaking English, at first she googled the address and without any problem gave me lift. These people are extremely kind and supportive. They always want to help you. She took me directly to the hotel, which was really nice and not that expensive. The ride took about 5 minutes and of course did not want any money from me. The hotel room was very tiny, the bed is placed above the room space, but comfortable enought.

What to see in Naha?

At night Naha seams to look completely different, it’s colourful and candy. There are hundreds of sushi restaurants and blinking shops. There is one line of a sky train going through the city so it’s very easy to travel. You need to see the Shuri castle and take a long walk through the city, visit incredible temples and amazing Japanese gardens. But what I liked most there’s lots of hidden spiritual places, where you can sneak in and explore in private.

Going around the Island you need to see the Okinawa Churaumi aquarium, Nago and the caves. It’s very convenient to travel by bus. Going to Hub Park: you need to take bus no 83 from Naha Bus Terminal (Centre) and stop at Gyokusendo-mae. It takes about 60 minutes from Naha and costs 580Y.

Habo museum park is definitely not a place for me. Animals are kept in tiny cages, snakes are boiled and put into jars. This liqueur made in Okinawa is called Habushu. The snake is mixed with herbs and honey to receive the yellow colour of the alcohol. Some of the bottles are incredibly expensive. It is believed the strengths of the liquid pass on to those who drink the mixture.

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