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Looking for a PRIVATE WORLD TRAVEL GUIDE or unique trip itinerary?

Looking for unique places to visit on holidays? Don’t have time to search for destinations? I will arrange a whole trip for you, your friends or family. Doesn’t matter if it’s gonna be a budget traveling or a luxury holiday. I’m your world travel guide!

All my offers and services are personalised, based on your travel preferences and requests. I always listen before making any itinerary. I’m flexible on dates and schedules. There have two options to choose from:

I. Personal Travel Planner

Don’t need any more to spend hours on planning your travel and searching for facilities. Leave it with me and maximize your holiday time! I will organize your travel itinerary, based on my travel experience and years of exploring the world. I’ll make your travel time comfortable and safe by including all essential information, maps, travel tips & advice and organize accommodation, flights, insurance, visas, activities, etc. Write me your budget and choose from plenty of incredible travel destinations from this blog or anywhere in the world.

II. Personal Travel Guide

Get personalized travel itinerary and travel with me as your personal travel guide to anywhere in the world (if the country is accessible). Get affordable, time saving, best authentic and memorable travel venture. The money you’ll spend will be an investment saving and enhancing minutes and hours of your visit.

Traveling for business and looking for a good conversational companion to guide you through any European city? Let me fulfil your itinerary with most interesting travel attractions.

The costs – What can be included in the price?

  • transport/transfers between places
  • attractive, personalised, flexible itinerary
  • admissions without any queues
  • well organised tours and treks
  • practical information & advice
  • historic information
  • local entertainment, festivals
  • best cuisine

About me.

Now you probably wish to know something more about me.

I’m Eva. I’m based in Dublin, previously living in Poland and Bulgaria. I’ve been traveling since I was born, as my Parents were diplomats. I’m devoted to solo traveling, which I consider the most valuable way of exploring the world. For the lat 10 years I’ve been working for biggest sport organisations, where traveling was always a major part of my international project management. A crucial step for me was leaving my second job for backpacking Asia, which I believe it’s not the easiest decision in the times of normative social influence. I’m passionate about people, wildlife, reportage photography and cultures. Travel ventures and sharing stories are my personal treasure. I easily put myself on the hardest trails, exploring the earth from the underworld up to the highest picks. I build this blog to inspire people, share amazing true landscapes and reportage stories. I almost don’t use filters, if any – only to highlight the original beauty of the picture – simply to show you the world in my eyes.

Why you will enjoy the time with me:

I have advanced driving skills on left and right-hand traffic. I drive a car and a motorcycle (sport and touristic). I speak perfect English and Polish, intermediate Russian and basic Spanish.

I’m a huge sport lover: tennis, beach volleyball, golf, snowboard, horse riding, diving, hiking. I enjoy exploring art, local craftsman tradition.

What I need to know:

First of all write me! Tell me as many details as you can about you and your travel preferences, so I could better understand your travel needs and desires. Follow this blog for trip inspirations and directions you would like to explore. Tell me what kind of activity you enjoy:

  • water activities (diving, kite surfing, snorkeling, etc.),
  • climbing, hiking, trekking (canyons/volcanoes),
  • sports (golf, horse riding, tennis).

Your climate preferences – hot climate/deserts, cold/fiords, hard winters. Type of accommodation: bungalow, luxury/spa, apartments. Dietary requirements, alcohol preferences. Transport: public or private. Are you interested in museums, galleries, art?

Your unique adventure starts here, email me on: 

I will get back to you soon …

Oman Wadi –


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