Walking Street in Pattaya, Thailand

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Pattaya can be described as a sin city. And maybe it is, although I can just tell from the Walking Street point of view.

The main street in Pattaya, area with hundreds of erotic & dance clubs, amazing illuminations, increadible see and street food, shows, fish spa and lots of different entertainment. Never experienced such a night life before. Pattaya is quite big, I stayed little far away from the center in Naklua district in backapckers place. There is no problem to get to the city center as local trucks are running so often that before you think of waving it stops in front of you. The ride costs 10 Baht, unbelievably cheap. But the easy and cheap way of getting to the center is the key for bringing all the tourist to Walking Street, where you probably spend most of your budget.

To read about more attractions in Pattaya visit the Ko Lan & Pattaya.

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