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Pattaya can be described as a sin city. And maybe it is, although I can just tell from the Walking Street point of view.

The main street in this city, area with hundreds of erotic & dance clubs, amazing illuminations, increadible see and street food, shows, fish spa and lots of different entertainment. Never experienced such a night life before.

Beautiful beaches

Pattaya is the most famous resort in Asia and the most popular resort even for the Thais themselves. Once a fishing village, today it is a place full of attractions for holidaymakers. 

A great place for a holiday with beautiful, well-maintained beaches, water perfect for swimming and admiring coral reefs. Surrounded by islets, tropical gardens and developed accommodation and catering facilities in the city that never sleeps.

Modern city

Pattaya is a small city located near Bangkok. The official language is Thai, but you can easily communicate with the locals in English.

Center of Pattaya is quite big, I stayed a bit far from the centre in the Naklua district at the backapckers place. There is no problem getting into the city centre as the local trucks are so frequent that before you have time to think about waving, they stop in front of you. The people in this town are usually very friendly people. The city itself, on the other hand, can be considered very safe.

To read about more attractions in Pattaya visit the Ko Lan & Pattaya.

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Seafood restaurant decorated with many neons in Pattaya
People using aquariums for fish pedicure
Sassari Sardinia

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