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There are certainly lots of things to do in Pattaya except the night life. You can go on a city tour and travel to near island Ko Lan.

What to do in Pattaya

This is really nice trip from the harbour of Pattaya. There are many tourists on the main beach because of the beautiful azur see. But it’s nice to take a truck and drive to another beach – Monkey beach. It might be not that spectacular but it’s quiet and the animals are adorable! They are not scared of people and coming to you looking for some sweets and bottled water (remember not to give them too much sugar, it’s no good for them). 

They were playing with our phones and other stuff on our towels. We didn’t find them aggressive and stealing anything from anyone. The sunset on the Pattaya coastline is amazing. On the way back we walked from the harbor of Pattaya along beach during the evening market. It’s crowded but you can taste different local cuisine.

During the day it’s nice to visit golden Buddha. It’s placed on the top of the hill with breathtaking views of the city and interesting, well developed coastline.

The floating market in Pattaya

The floating market is a little far away, but you can share a transport with some people. You need to pay an entrance fee (as I remember 200 Baht) which is still ok and explore the market: whether on foot or by boat but it’s more expensive. We enjoyed walking, it’s always more fun and allows you to visit all the shops. 

It’s a nice place but didn’t give me an opportunity to buy something unique. There is lots of local food to try. I stayed in backpackers place in Naklua district and found there amazing people and small shops with special things, cheaper than anywhere else.

To find out about the night entertainment see the Walking Street in Pattaya.

How to get to Ko Lan island

You absolutely need to get to Ko Lan island. It takes half an hour to get from Pattaya harbour to reach the island by boat. There are many touristic boat trips during the day. Just remember to ask what time is your last boat going back. 

When you get of from the boat take a short walk far from the crowded beaches, as there are few paradise beaches around the island. The island is also called – Coral island. It’s gonna take you 15 minutes to leave all the tourist behind and enjoy a silent sandy beach.

Monkey beach in Ko Lan

We stayed on a beach famous for monkeys. Nual Beach has a tribe of monkeys that live on the hill overlooking the beach. Don’t be afraid of them there are very friendly and won’t try stealing anything from you. 

If they take anything it’s, because they are curious or just want to each this. Of course be careful if it’s your phone. 🙂 They hang around looking for sweets and sweet water. They made a hole in my bottle and drank all the water.

Monkey petted by people on the beach
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