From Dubai/UAE to Muscat in Oman

Getting from Dubai/UAE to Muscat in Oman by land border is very easy and pretty convenient. The flight ticket was much cheaper to Dubai than to Muscat. We were also looking for some adventurous traveling so decided to travel from one country Arab country to another. You need to take a bus F55A (this is only night bus!!!) which leaves from the airport to Satwa Station (still located in Dubai). From Satwa bus station you need to reach Caravan Restaurant – from where the bus to Muscat leaves. Travel from Dubai to Oman is good option. 

We took a taxi to Caravan Restaurant (which is quite cheap), because we had no idea how to get to the Restaurant, from where a bus to Muscat. We tried to ask plenty people for direction on how to get to the restaurant by a local transport but couln’t get any usefull information. Internet says so many different things how to travel to Caravan Restaurant that we finally got totally confused and chose taxi.

For Dubai public transport information check here.

Traveling from Dubai to Muscat by bus

The bus from Dubai/UAE to Muscat in Oman leaves at 7.30 am. /information from 2016/ and it takes around 8 hours to reach destination. Some people say that the trip takes 4-6 h but it depends on how long you stay at the border. You can buy a bus ticket in advance, but we bought it on the day and the bus was almost empty. The ticket costs 55 dirham (12 EURO). At the border customs officers and trained dogs are carefully checking all your luggage. 

After filling some papers you are actually free to go and enter Oman. I’d say it is very easy for tourists to cross the border and they are treated with respect. The bus arrives to Ruwi Bus station in Muscat. You’ll find lots of hotels near the station starting from 80 euro per night! Which is a joke for the standard they offer! We were looking for a cheap one that’s why we drove to Mutrah hotel (taxi was 5 Euro from the Ruwi station). Taxis in Muscat are cheap but remember to always agree the price before you get in. It was much cheaper to book the hotel via internet. At the reception they had much higher prices and didn’t want to negotiate the price. So even when we didn’t have anything pre-booked we just booked the room from Agoda in front of the reception desk. 🙂 

We couldn’t wait to see Muscat, we were so excited to see the city and curious about the whole country. Over the next few days we realized Oman is unforgetable but Muscat actually wasn’t fun at all.

View from bus to Oman