From Kyoto to Nara

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I could not miss Nara! 😉 I took a train from Kyoto, it’s 45 minutes drive. The small Nara city is very nice. When you get of from the station on the left side there is a tourist information. I got a map there, which is very useful because there are many temples and places you definitely must see. So I’m walking up to the hill to visit the park and famous friendly animals – Sika Deers. They rule in the park 😉 You can buy some crackers and feed them, it’s really fun. They move freely, are not afraid of people and the traffic. You can touch them all the time. They enter the shops and follow you if you have food. The temples are stunning: Kasuga, Wakamiya, Kafuku, Todaiji and many more. To see the red temple Wakamiya you need to climb the hill, taking a beautiful path along the tombs. The path is mystic, only silence and the birds. On the way down I cannot feel my feet. Luckily I take the bus to get to the train station. It’s easy attainable as there’s only one big road toward the train station.

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