Dubai, UAE

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Dubai – most important information about public transport and hanging around the city.

TAXI – all taxis have taximeter and are cheap. Sometimes using public transport might be a little more expensive than shared taxi.

Public transport – first you need to buy a card to charge it with credits for public transport. It’s easily accessible in every metro station or in the Dubai airport (transportation office). Then you charge the card with money to have access to underground and busses – very importnt is to scan the card on the entrance and then scan it again when you leave the bus.

BUS and METRO – the bus network is really nice in Dubai. Brand new trains and busses, amazing stations. The metro might be faster because of the traffic jams but you won’t see the city view. Event the 7 lines roads sometimes are crowded.

Going around – well, if you dream about the city view from the top – forget about this 🙂 The view from the top of the tallest building in the world costs 100 – 120 Euro, depending on the day. The Palm Jumeirah is a nice thing but don’t try to get there by night as you can see nothing! We decided to go there – there is a separate train going along the Palm Island. In the evening you just can see the huge hotel on the entrance. The Palm area is full of buildings and for me it was no fun at all.

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is probably one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever seen. There is a private beach next to it but it’s available also for tourists after going online and pay. Next to the hotel there is a Public beach which is also very nice.

DEIRA – the cheap district in Dubai. Most of the hostels are located in that area. The streets are full of small shops with thousands of souvenirs and clothes. There is also a Gold Souk (market). The hotels are quite cheap but please do not expect too much in the room._dsc7974 _dsc7977 _dsc7981 _dsc7988 _dsc7991 _dsc7993 _dsc8001 _dsc8003 _dsc8005 _dsc8008 _dsc8014 _dsc8016 _dsc8012


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