I’ve hiked most of Wicklow Mountains National Park trails. Although the mountains are not too high, Ireland offers stunning views which are very different that the rest of Europe – Glendalough is a good starting point.

Glendalough loop walk in Wicklow Mountains.

Glendalough can be your starting point for number of Wicklow Mountain trails with routes at all levels of difficulty. You can whether reach Glendalough Visitor Car park or Glendalough Upper Lake Car Park. One of the most spectacular trails is a loop around Glendalough Upper lake through Miners Village. A little climbing is rewarded by stunning views of the Glenealo Valley. I also recommend taking a walk through the Valley. It takes about 2 – 4 hours to hike the full loop (depends on your condition) which is 10 km long. This walk is suitable for dogs but on other routs in Wicklow Mountains I found signs: no dogs allowed. I suppose the walk would be difficult for young children, I wouldn’t recommend trying. Glendalough in Wicklow Mountains is special experience. 

From the Glendalough Upper Lake Car Park there are number of marked trails, which start from half an hour walks up to 10 km full loop. Remember that weather conditions may be slightly different (or even very different) than from the starting point. We experienced heavy rain along most of the track. The other day the wind was much stronger in WIcklow Mountains than outside the park, so don’t ever ignore mountains. Keep in mind to wear warm clothes, raincoat and good hiking shoes. The walk offers amazing view points along the road.

If you are considering hiking the highest peak in Wicklow Mountains – Lugnaquilla, here is some good advice (I’ve done it in tough winter conditions and mild spring): https://freestyletraveling.com/lugnaquilla-highest-mountain-in-wicklow/

View na Wicklow Mountains from Glendalough loop