Bangkok, Thailand

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There’s probably thousand of articles about Bangkok – the hottest city in the world and the longest original existing name of the city. I’m just gonna mention about magnificent temples but mostly I would like to write practical information and a little view from my side.

Where to stay in Bangkok?

Bangkok – this is a type of the city you either love or hate. I absolutely love it! The famous Khao San Road.. most popular tourist street..crazy loud, extreemely crowded – it’s enough for me to check it once. I prefer smaller streets like Soi Rambuttri. Best place for backpackers, I could stay there for weeks. You can find there many small shops, street food, massage places and hostels. No need to book in advance. I stayed in one for 270 TBH with wifi but no hot water – believe me you don’t need hot water. 40 degrees and the level of humidity makes that in Bangkok you dream only about cold shower. A nice guesthous with a cute room costs about 700 TBH. But if you want to stay on Khao San Road you will definitely pay more for thre same accommodation.

Transport in Bangkok.

Bus no 15 takes you directly to the Siam Square station, the station where two BTS lines cross. The underground is very comfortable. You buy the ticket inside the bus – there will be a person selling the tickets so don’t worry. 😉 If the bus is crowded you will probably travel for free. The ticket costs few coins. If you want to take tuk tuk choose only the one with yellow tables. Other tabels are private and it means that you can be forced to pay a lot of money for the ride. Always agree the price before you drive! My first ride was also an experince but different one. I was holding a map, which means you will be accost by many locals. So was I. The guy asked me where I want to go. I named few places and then he pointed them all on my map and agreed for a very small price. I was surpriced but decided to go. He was waiting for me in every place I was visiting. Then he told me that he has to take me to the travel agency, even if I won’t buy any trip. Unfortunately after I  left the agency he wasn’t there any more but still I paid nothing for almost all day driving. Later I found out that this is the system for tuk tuk drivers in Bangkok. If they won’t bring tourist to the travel agency they don’t get voucher for the petrol.

Of course I don’t have to say that you never buy anything in the travel agency. There are many good points in places like soi rambuttri where you can buy bus, train, plane tickets.


Soi Rambuttri


Soi Rambuttri


Boat trip along the river -Bangkok

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