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Around Mallorca – best hiking adventures and spots to visit.

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Getting around Mallorca – best places to visit!

I have never considered Mallorca as my travel destination. Why? Because it has been always associated with British & German resort island. I never imagined Mallorca is so beautiful and you can easily escape from the crowds to find yourself surrounded by a pure nature of lagoon beaches, stunning cliffs, or mountain paradise! The views long the coast line are blowing. This Balearic island offers lots of stunning attractions! If you’re not traveling by car you can take a ride on the Sóller train, which is a great way to discover the Mallorcan landscape.

The way I wanted to discover the island was renting a car. That gives you so much more flexibility when you travel. From my experience the best places I ever found were always while traveling by car. The only way to discover rewarding places is taking the ride through unknown. 😉

To be honest Palma de Mallorca – the capital of the island didn’t impress me much. And I wouldn’t recommend waisting time for the city while there’re so many magnificent landscapes around the island. The only thing that brough my attention was the Catedral-Basílica de Santa María de Mallorca.

Magaluf – small town near Palma de Mallorca.

Magaluf turned out to be fantastic town with magnificent Magaluf beach. It is a resort place too but at least it was pretty empty before the season in April. Take a walk along the whole coast line and you’ll find empty small beaches where you can even snorkel. The town is located short drive from Palma de Mallorca south direction:

Mirador de Ricardo Roca.

Mirador de Ricardo Roca is famous watchtower near the tunnel going though the rocks, located on the north-west coast, about 20 km from Palma de Mallorca:

You can drive through Calvia while going there, very pleasant small town.

Formentor peninsula – the lighthouse and viewing point!

Formentor peninsula is located in the north-west part of the island and is famous for overwhelming views and a great lighthouse:

There is a curly way leading to the top of the hill with the lighthouse. Be prepared for hunders of cyclists and grabbing the last piece of a tasty cake/galletas in the lovely restaurant at the top 😉

Best beaches for snorkelling around Mallorca!

You should definitely go snorkeling in Mallorca. Water is just magnificent and there are many safe and easily accesible beaches to do it.

Cala del Mago – one of the most beautiful beaches just on the south-west of the island. It’s a half an hour drive from Palma de Mallorca. Location here:

Cap de Formentor. There is a tiny road leading to the beach. It is well visible from the hill. I would recommend to have swimming shoes, as the bottom is very rocky.

North coast – driving along the north coast you’ll find lots of cliff restaurants. This one is called Restaurant es Grau, where you can sit in the balcony and admire amazing cliff view. Food wasn;t top class but was ok. Be prepared to wait quite long to order your dish 😉

Dragon caves/Drach cavesone of the boggest caves in Europe. Located on the east coast of the island:

Dragon caves are Mallorca underground treasure and one of the main tourist attractions. I have been to many caves and at some stage you get a feeling the stalactites and stalagmites are looking pretty the same everywhere. It is true but doesn’t change the fact Dragon caves are magnificent. They are one of the biggest caves in Europe and were formed between 11 and 5.3 million years ago! Impressive! As for all caves it is highly advised not to touch the formations, as they grow only 1 cm per year. The walk thorugh the cave is very pleasant and it’s allowed to use your cameras and video recorders.

Rafa Nadal Tennis Academy!

Rafa is my beloved tennis player since always. This smile lasts longer than any grand slam! Rafael was born in Mallorca, that’s why he has built this Tennis Academy there along with a small museum. It is now a high-performance academy, with training centre and tennis camps organized on a regular basis to develop young talents.

Hiking adventures in Mallorca.

Mallorca has great maountain massif offering brilliant hiking adventures. Do not underestimate these mountains, some trails are quite difficult and weather conditions may be really severe. Organize a good hiking map and plan carefully. This is an island and it may get really windy and cold up there.

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